The Lifestyle Blueprint Review (Aidan Booth)

Aidan Booth

Aidan Booth, just like Ecom Masters Club’s Earnest Epps, also attended this year’s WebinarCon. Just like Earnest, he’s also thankful of having the privilege to hang out with other business owners and webinar cons, er, marketers [half kidding]. With that said, what’s up with his The Lifestyle Blueprint? Is the free demo class slash webinar in his program persuasive enough for me to say it’s worth a purchase? I’ll answer these questions below.

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The name may not give it away, but The Lifestyle Blueprint is yet another e-commerce course that claims to be much different among the rest. What Aidan says as a completely new and different way to make money online [not really, you’ll see why later]. No need for Amazon, Shopify,  holding stock, or even finding overseas product suppliers.

No need to worry about learning how to do Facebook ads or anything like that either. “And better still,” Aidan continues without showing any signs of cutting the bull, “you could even have your own e-commerce store built in under thirty minutes with an easy click button process.”

In an attempt to hype this thang even further, Aidan proudly claims that The Lifestyle Blueprint is based on a “secret” strategy he learned from a “billion dollar Japanese super department store”. ‘Xcuse me, is there even a department store worth that much in Japan?

I doubt if there’s any, and I dunno how he’ll actually relate the “secret” there to this Walmart online store thang of his [told ya, it’s not that different]. Whatever the truth about the latter statements, it doesn’t really matter. Knowing Aidan and his past courses, I’m sure he’s mad capping. Heck, why am I even referencing other courses when the website of The Lifestyle Blueprint is already very telling of its (crappy) quality.

For one, Aidan can’t be bothered proofreading the headline. If his so-called e-commerce store can be made with an easy click button process, he can also correct the misspelling here with one, single backspace click. Guess it’s too much work for him, eh? Not only that, he also missed replacing placeholder “Lorem ipsum” texts. All that sh*t and he’s still calling himself a “professional e-com seller”, psh.

Most importantly, buttons to see the full demo class, and eventually sign up for the full course ain’t working as intended right now. Did he move on to another course? Saw someone just signed up three months ago, and dude’s closing the doors already? What? Quite odd knowing that Aidan typically drops his support after a year or two has passed, and not only within months…

Yup, he’s just getting worse and worse. He and his partner Steve Clayton are already notorious for abandoning their students like a deadbeat dad going out to pick up milk [y’all know how this ends, right?] in favor of moving on to new courses.  Shouldn’t be the case when courses like The Lifestyle Blueprint costs as much as $1,988.

And guess what, they still have the audacity to offer these new courses as an upsell to the same students they plan on ghosting. Now, it’s like those arcades where you need to insert more coins to continue playing. However, it’s not really you who’s playing, but them…They’re the ones playing with you, squeezing ya dry in the process.

The Lifestyle Blueprint Review

In summary, anything with Aidan branding in it is bad, including The Lifestyle Blueprint. The course is not worth buying at all. To reiterate, he got lots of overpriced courses with even more overpriced upsells, while having a sh*tty support that goes from shoo-ing early to straight-up ghosting you completely unless you bought the upsells.

Moreover, there are complaints about Aidan taking way too many students that’s beyond his team’s capacity to serve. Obviously, that won’t do anyone good besides filling the dude’s own pockets. That’s the case, of course. That’s why students are complaining, duh!

Last but not the least, he’s also done a sh*tton of deceptive marketing. Like that one time he flexes how one of his course’s operations is NY-based, but then there’s a rooster crowing non-stop in the background, pffffft. This type of marketing is the primary reason why his spiel is being compared to a “lowlife turd” in Anthony Morrison. Sh*t’s really, really bad.

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