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Jack and Michelle Bosch are a husband-and-wife team who are the creators of Land Profit Generator, a company that provides education (online courses and coaching) tools, and live events for people who wanted to get into the business of land flipping. They both have MBAs and have worked through various Fortune 500 companies, before they tried the business of land flipping themselves. Since then, in just 18 months, the couple became millionaires after flipping more than 5,000 properties. And now they aim to teach others how they can also succeed in land flipping through their newest Land Flipping Masterclass.

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So what is land flipping, basically? When you’re talking about real estate investing and flipping, the first thing that comes to your mind is selling houses. At first, land flipping is virtually identical to house flipping. You buy a property, then sell it for a higher profit. The key difference, however, is that land flipping, as the name says, revolves around buying and selling just a piece of land. That is, without any house, building, or whatnot attached to it.

Land flipping has some pros compared to house flipping, but it also presents some cons as well. For the pros, land flipping has a lower entry barrier compared to house flipping. You’ll only need less capital compared to buying and selling houses (though it’s still significantly expensive). That’s because there’s a lot less costs to worry about when it comes to upkeep, holding/acquisition costs, etc. Land flipping deals also usually can close a bit more quicker that house flipping, and there’s a bigger chance that the ones that are going to buy your land are usually savvy investors, and even repeat investors.

As for the cons, however, one of the biggest cons in land flipping is lower demand. Simply put, unless its a rural farm lot, not many investors are interested in buying just a piece of land. Most of them would prefer buying houses, buildings, etc. because they’re ready for occupancy, instead of having to build their own property on a piece of empty land. That being said, house flipping may generate a higher income potential compared to land flipping. But Jack and Michelle Bosch aims to change all that and show you that, even with land flipping, you can generate an income stream that’s comparable to (if not higher) when you’re flipping houses.

Regardless, there are some things that you need to take note of if you plan on land flipping. For example, the location of the piece of land you’re going to invest in. You’re going to want to get as much profit as you can from the land you’re going to sell, so this is important. Do you foresee a big development that’s going to happen in the next few years in the area surrounding it? Things like public establishments, roads, schools, malls, etc. And if they do, is the location of your land in close proximity to these developments? These can affect the value of your piece of land you’re investing on. Basically, the closer you are to these establishments and structures, the higher the value that you can get from the land. And this will make them even more sought after by investors.

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Of course, optimal location isn’t the only factor that you should take note of when buying and selling a piece of land. You should also think about the accessibility of needed necessities in the area. For example, water sources and septic systems. Are they close enough to some of the water pipelines that there won’t be an issue in the future? It’s known that sometimes, if there aren’t enough pipelines in the area that connects to the main water source, it will mean little to no water flowing on your property, which can really be a hassle. This is even more important when you’re flipping a rural farm lot, as close proximity to a water source will mean little to no problems for irrigation of the crops.

All of these, and possibly a few more, would surely be tackled in their Land Flipping Masterclass. There’s no publicly-posted price on how much you should shell out when joining the masterclass. I’d assume that it’s free, or it may just cost you hundreds or just a few thousands of dollars. But expect that there’s going to be plenty of upsells to their other online training programs under the Land Profit Generator company (which they own). Personally, I think they’re trustworthy individuals, and they’re pretty legit. However, real estate is such an expensive business that you’ll need a huge amount of capital in order to succeed, unless you’re leveraging on various loans (which I don’t recommend, really). For me, digital real estate is a more cost-effective business model that has the potential for higher earnings at lower capital costs.

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