Affiliate Marketing Boss Review (Chad B)

Chad B

Chad B has been sending invites since 2020 to partner with him, a super affiliate as he calls himself. Be part of a case study group that he’ll be starting this month, he says, and become a successful case study before Affiliate Marketing Boss’ official launch. This and that. He’s still using the same exact copy today despite the program already being there for years. Any reason behind it? I’ll explain my thoughts plus review the whole thang below.

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In Chad B’s, er, Cardi B’s voice, what was da reason, then? To me, it’s more on Chad thinking that he hit the jackpot with a very marketable spiel. Here, he made it sounds like he’s allotting his oh-so precious time to closely monitor select students out of good will. Y’know, guide ‘em to their success before the Affiliate Marketing Boss even launches. Trying to project that he’s a serious goody two shoes mentor and not just in the space like the typical guru who only wants to sell a course, IYKWIM.

Surprise, surprise! He’s not as faultless as he portrayed himself to be. Disclaimer first, he’s no way part of the most rotten bunch of these gurus. In fact, I’ve seen his name pop up on one or two recommendations on what Affiliate Marketing stuff to consider watching. And yeah, to add, dude has a YouTube channel with decent numbers (86k subs, 4m in total views). He’s also uploading free contents with real educational value instead of just blatantly pushing his paid program nonstop. I’ll give him two claps for that, perhaps. However…

The problem is he’s lying with the Affiliate Marketing Boss not launching yet. I don’t know, I won’t call whatever program he’s charging for since 2020 not Affiliate Marketing Boss. Heck, why would it be something else when he put the program’s name on the banner of the Facebook community group that complements it. The inception of the group? Also 2020.  Coincidence? I think not.

It’s not the biggest lie, at least not the biggest one from him yet (spoiler alert!), but lying is lying. Quite a deliberate attempt too to use it as a way to market himself and his course. Too bad, I always have my BS radar on. And that bit, it’s BS. But, whatever, it is what it is now. His rep is not looking too hot fosho, especially knowing THAT biggest lie of his.

But before I expose yet another BS, let us talk about what’s up with Affiliate Marketing Boss first. The main attraction of the course is the training materials that’ll reveal exactly how Chad makes $20k-$25k in commissions monthly. In other words, his trade secrets as an affiliate marketer on effectively bringing in customers to a marketing platform called Builderall.

That’s right, he’s really emphasizing Builderall here and it shows on the product inclusions of Affiliate Marketing Boss. Which, aside from the training materials in step-by-step six video modules, are as follows: 12 months subscription of Builderall, done for you landing pages, done for you winning campaigns, 30+ ready-to-use niche funnels, 24/7 live chat support, weekly mentorship calls, and access to the private Facebook community I mentioned earlier.

There are also bonuses like one-on-one consultation with Chad himself and, again, something related to Builderall in lifetime access to nine additional tools on it. You get the point. The PR stuff, the training materials that is once titled as “The Builderall Super Affiliate Training”, the free subscription, and additional tools all boils down to highlighting Builderall.

Affiliate Marketing Boss Review

Generally speaking, buying any affiliate marketing course that focuses on a single product is already a bad idea. The product of choice here, Builderall, just made it 10x worse. And, so, the biggest lie of Chad is *drum roll* Builderall being a solid product. You’ve guessed it, sh*t is quite the opposite of solid and easy to sell.

Don’t believe me? Go to the product’s Trustpilot page and see for yourself. But, well, you don’t need to because I’ll spill it here myself. Overall, it’s a bad product with sh*tty server, buggy software that lacks necessary features expected for a funnel hosting site ala ClickFunnels, and painfully-slow-to-respond customer service. All of the bad stuff while charging crazy expensive subscription fees.

Above all, there are also reports on their affiliate program being scummy since they don’t deliver on their promised perks to their affiliates like not needing to pay for a sub… Hell, what’s worse is they don’t even sometimes count the referrals you’ve made. With that, I won’t recommend using it and, in turn, won’t also recommend any course that focuses on being an affiliate of it like Affiliate Marketing Boss that costs $699.

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