Bot Trading Mastery Review (Brett Kitchen, Ethan Kap)

Brett Kitchen, Ethan Kap

Brett Kitchen and Ethan Kap are keeping it real in their copy for Bot Trading Mastery. But, I guess, ‘twas a moment when keeping it real goes wrong. I’m referring to them putting up, then answering a question on why they’re sharing their so-called slingshot method in the said program if it’s so good. Half-jokingly, they replied that the reason was money for them. Didn’t come off as a joke to me, but as a hint to what they’re really after.

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That’s right, jokes on them that someone took their poorly-timed joke seriously. That someone is obviously me, yours truly. Not entirely my fault as a skeptic, they’re not just doing things that’ll make me think otherwise. I don’t care about the baby boomer movie they starred in nor the books they’ve written. Heck, the latter is probably not really a help to boost their reps as they’re more of a product ad rather than an informative self-help book.

So, what made me doubt them, then? Well, let’s start with what’s listed on the first paragraph of Bot Trading Mastery’s copy. Y’know, the copy I also mentioned earlier that listed the “joke”. Seems like they collected all the damn guru buzzwords and put ‘em in one sentence after the other. Like a machine gun of sorts, they go bra ta ta ta ta with ‘em bullsh*ts.

Okay, enough of my rambling, what are they to be exact? Number one, they claim that you don’t need to be an expert trader to win with their program; number two, any experience with cryptocurrency trading is also not needed; and number three, you can be a complete tech novice and still earn lotta cash with the program. Holy trifecta of BS, but with more hype-y words sprinkled in like automation and bots.

The first two are usually a staple for fake guru programs as they bait those who want it too easy. Like, sure, you can really dumb down some subjects, but not to a point of getting too-good-to-be-true profitability without the expense and hardwork. Not on volatile and hard-to-predict crypto space too, if I may say so. Meanwhile, the last bit is usually a bait for the crinkly seniors, the baby boomers, and ‘em old folks with retirement money.

But wait, there’s more of these red flags. Might be not obvious, but I also see dwelling too much on coding ‘em “trading bots” as a red flag. It’s not that hard and not as impressive as it may sound IMHO. What’s important is the strategy that you’ll feed to the ai beast. Which is, speaking of, not described well by the two dudes. The promise here with their Slingshot method is the further the market dips, the more profit you have, but how?

Bot Trading Mastery Review

I’m not calling an enumeration of known charts a valid description for their method. Like seriously, they’re just pulling some nerdy terms like Ornstein Uh-don’t-have-a-unique-method process and hoping that you don’t check on it further. The latter, which is actually the Ornstein Uhlenbeck process BTW, might seem intimidating with the x’s and sigma’s in its formula, but it’s just a known forecasting and mean reversion tool. Nothing new, so why credit it plus the bare-minimum-to-know-in-smart-crypto-trading charts on hundreds, maybe even thousands of dollars in passive income everyday?

Again, like I said before, they’re just bullsh*tting.  And they do it to sell whatever program is sold as an upsell in their Bot Trading Mastery masterclass that costs zero. And yes, I’m quite sure there is something to be sold after the free stuff because I can’t seem to access the free Bot Trading Mastery video anymore and instead, I’m redirected to a login page where you need to pay first to get an account.

To conclude, I’m not recommending Brett and Ethan’s Bot Trading Mastery. Disclaimer-wise, I can’t say that they’re a scam. But just like the popular web slinger of MCU, my spidey sense as a reviewer is tingling. To me, more likely than not, these two dudes are just in it for the subscription money. Don’t expect a legit trading genius here when they, again, half-jokingly admitted in their terms that they’re not promising you anything except fun and entertainment. ‘Xcuse me, but something for sh*ts and giggles ain’t it to trust your hard-earned money with. Bars aside, whaddya think?

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