Boyd Clewis Review

Boyd Clewis

Boyd Clewis’ Cybersecurity Academy depends on the no-nonsense fact that no one on the internet wants to be hacked. This is especially true with government bodies and massive companies. See how they’re willing to fork over a fortune to cybersecurity specialists who can protect them from cyber threats. Apparently, you can be one of those top dollar specialists with Boyd’s Academy. Feel like attending the said program? Check out my review of Boyd first. Scroll below.

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If you check out the dude’s reviews page like I did, you’ll know how Boyd welcomes everyone with warm hospitality. I mean, he’s out here thanking us for visiting his website. Giving us a pat on the back for checking out reviews ‘cause “that’s what smart people do” [amen to that].

He’s even encouraging us to take note of the names in the testimonials, look ‘em up on LinkedIn, and slide in their DMs to verify their assessment. Y’know, make sure they’re not some paid actors from Fiverr cappin’.

I don’t shy away from any dares, y’all prolly know that if you frequent here. Safe to say, it’s challenge accepted! So, I did some scouring on LinkedIn. And while I didn’t find everyone that gave testimonials, I found two notable ones— One is named Michael Drane Jr. from Atlanta, and the other is the currently unemployed [or so I assume based on her profile] Francia Torres from Dallas.

Michael, the self-proclaimed cybersecurity enthusiast turned engineer, has Boyd’s certification displayed on his profile. T’was expired since the year ‘21, though. But hey, at least he has some that are still not Boyd, er, void— in fact, even better than Boyd’s because they’re more reputable— like SSCP and CompTIA Security+.

Meanwhile, Francia worked for Boyd as a cybersecurity consultant for over a year. All while being a consultant of another company in Ocean Girl Consulting and a technical writer for Google. Love a multitasking queen, I could definitely understand why she’s been taking a break from work since July this year.

In short, both Michael and Francia seem legit. Not paid actors, make-believe characters, nor out of this world aliens like those found in Peru [already debunked BTW]… They’re real people working in cybersecurity and are connected to Boyd in one way or another. Sounds good? If I didn’t know the whole story, I’d be damn impressed, fosho.

Here’s the thing: The reason the likes of Michael and Francia are “successful” in the cybersecurity space is not really because of Boyd’s training, definitely not because of his cert either. It’s because of their other [reputable] certs and prior IT experience. For Boyd, it’s luck. He said it himself.

Generally speaking, it’ll be tough to land a cybersecurity job— let alone make six figures with one— if you got zero reputable certs and experience. And no, don’t count on luck or might as well believe that you gon’ win the Powerball jackpot.

But Boyd won’t say that, as the many reviews across Reddit and Trustpilot pointed out. Yup, the last bit in the welcome video I’ve mentioned earlier where he’s all prim and proper was a lie. I’m referring to him saying they’re only allowing a few people to join the academy.

Boyd Clewis Review

Guess what, there’s no limited availability to “protect the culture” and whatnot. Instead, they accept everyone— even those who are certainly doomed to fail— as long as they can pay Boyd the price of Cybersecurity Academy’s offers, which is around $10,000 to $15,000 a pop.

As the previous student of Cybersecurity Academy’s Accelerator offer in Letisha James said, this is all a “disgusting con” and “big scam”. Not recommended by yours truly either. Of course!

Admittedly, I’m no cybersecurity specialist. But if I want to be one, I’d rather attend accredited training and get reputable certs like the already mentioned CompTIA Security+, CySA+, CCNA, and the likes. I’ll also be on the lookout for sysadmin and IT helpdesk jobs, get familiar with how network and OS works early, and work my way up. Y’all aspirants can do the same, but be warned, this requires LOTS of studying. Like literally.

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