Exotic Car Automation Review

Exotic Car Automation

Exotic Car Automation just wrapped up their latest IG post with the following quote: “With Exotic Car Automation, the drive isn’t just felt— it’s remembered.“ To me, this describes their niche very well. For the average person, hitting the road with a stunner on wheels isn’t only about getting from point A to B; it’s also about creating an unforgettable, one-of-a-kind ride. The latter is the reason renting exotic cars is a lucrative biz… or so Exotic Car Automation claims.

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In this Exotic Car Automation review, we’ll look over Branden Condy’s new investment opportunity [he’s doing e-com stuff before BTW] for aspiring owners of exotic car rental business. Should you trust them to handle a biz worth six figures on your behalf?

To answer the question above, here’s the overview of them first. Based in Miami, Florida, Branden’s Exotic Car Automation is a company that claims to be three-in-one: A management company, a leasing company, and a rental car company.

Which means the investment opportunity includes them managing the entire rental business process for you from A to Z. Branden explains, “And then once we source the possession of the vehicle, we handle the maintenance, the storage, the insurance, the daily rentals, and any other operations, completely for you.”

Also, no need to worry about not driving your exotic car ‘cause it isn’t completely tied to rental biz. Branden assures that you can have your fancy ride ready for personal use, just let him and his team know ahead of time.

If you want in, Exotic Car Automation got two options for ya: Package 1 and Package 2 with a price of $30,000 and $50,000, respectively. Fifty/fifty revenue split for Package 1, sixty/forty for the other.

Given the mention of Exotic Car Automation being a leasing company, you’ll need to lease the car from them as well. Else, they won’t run it. Branden suggests it’s for legal purposes, but I say it’s a way for his company to earn more. They be really doing everything by the books… in squeezing more money out of ya and avoiding majority of the financial risks themselves.

At least 20% down for the car, dealer fees, lease interest of around 16% to 17%, and sales tax if you choose the buyout option of the terms [so you’ll eventually own the car yourself] are all on ya. To put it simply, you’ll shoulder the cost of having the car ready for rental purposes.

Like in any car rental company, the biggest concern here would be the quality of insurance policy. All the non-answers given by Branden when asked about it don’t inspire confidence at all. Like, c’mon, you gotta show us that it’s good or I ain’t trusting my whip to be rented on a lit place that literally inspired Vice city.

Y’know, a supercar combined with booze, drugs, big egos, and all the craziness Miami has sounds like a recipe for disaster. Heck, you might even end with ‘em nasty strippers too… Not the one with the pole but with wrenches that’ll strip your car’s OG parts for fake ones as a “hustle”.

Speaking of hustlers, I wouldn’t be happy to involve myself on a biz where fake gurus can get their moment to flex that they made it… to around $1.5k, $2k savings for the photo ops to sell their crappy courses. Nope, not thrilled to be helping ‘em like that!

Exotic Car Automation Review

While there’s a screening requirement in place, it’s not a foolproof way to avoid the sh*tty renters I mentioned above. You just need to anticipate the chance that your car might get totaled. Which is why you need a good insurance policy to cover that.

Again, the latter is something Exotic Car Automation seems to lack. Seriously, the $2,500-$10,000 deposit they ask from renters won’t matter much once shit hits the fan [and it likely would]. So, yeah, I’ll say this investment opportunity isn’t worth the money and risk.

And no, don’t get fooled by Branden’s smooth talker ass. The truth is, he’s such a POS. Personally, I ain’t trusting a woman-beater [DV charges on legal records] with questionable backstory [paid for puff pieces] and failed e-com investment offers any of my money at all.

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