Brandon Mulrenin Review (Real Estate Coach)

Real Estate Coach

Brandon Mulrenin doesn’t belong on the list of biggest real estate YouTubers in terms of subscribers. Doesn’t matter, I’d still admire the amount of work he had put in it, his YouTube channel. 734 videos since the year ‘13 ain’t nothing to scoff at. Not when people are singing praises about it too and saying that the videos are nothing short of informative. That’s Brandon on the ‘tube. More info about him being a real estate coach is below.

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To be fair, the stuff he’s posting on YouTube would’ve already qualified him as a real estate coach. He’s out there sharing tips and tricks on real estate plus some of his scripts and prospecting calls to learn from. Tons of value for a free info, but, of course, the juicier bits are deliberately locked behind his paid programs. The same people who are praising him for quality YouTube content also acknowledge that fact.

Am I okay with that? Personally, I’m kinda alright with it since it’s not like his videos are all for selling his products. Sure, the end goal of him is still selling his paid programs eventually with his channel. But, at least, it is made like a legit sneak peek to what’s on the other side, and not the type that’s only filled with useless marketing BS to the brim. 

Anyway, let’s talk about his coaching program, the two offers that put his Reverse Selling method in the spotlight. In the site, the intro to it starts with the state of high pressure selling. Which is, just like the wooly Mammoth or the big-head T-rex, already extinct according to him. He’s like f*ck the boiler room simulation type of selling, it is time to welcome Reverse Selling as the new paradigm to sales method.

I mentioned everything above on purpose just to show that Brandon steers himself and his method away from the typical “salesy” salespeople. Just like the name implies, the goal here is to make a sale and close some deals without ever selling in a traditional (and toxic) way. 

You’ll shift your mindset from convincing your clients to understanding ‘em. No need to aggressively shove sh*t down on someone’s throat when you can actually ask them what they want or need, I s’pose. In his own words, serving the consumer with no expectation to get anything in return will actually get you something in return. The servant leadership magic.

Obviously, it’s all easier said than done. That’s why he has coaching offers about it to help you out. One is strictly an online course while the other contains the training material on the former plus group coaching. The first one, labeled as the Listing Agent Academy Online course, is for self accountable peeps who want to study on their own.

Brandon Mulrenin Review

On the other hand, the Listing Agent Academy Group Coaching offer is for those who find value in the added access to live coaching calls twice a week, accountability group, Facebook community group, and some more coaching calls, but personalized. As expected, the latter offer would cost more than the self-study one. The price of these offers by Mister Brandon Mulrenin, then? Well, Brandon’s Listing Agent Academy Online Course costs $997 while his Listing Agent Academy Group Coaching costs around $3,000.

My thoughts about this? Well, one thing’s certain and that is his offers ain’t cheap at all. My penny-pinching ass says no, but, to be fair, the paid programs are reviewed by his students as something that provides quality content just like his YouTube channel. Expensive, but might be worth it if you have what it takes to execute his scripts well. Yeah, just a fair warning to those who don’t have a smidge of sales chops on their bodies with the last bit.

However, that doesn’t take away my gripe on only having access to a community group on the Group Coaching offer. Like c’mon, even the dirt cheap courses let their students chill on some Facebook group. It’s like a bare minimum now to have one IMHO. And to me, self-study doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll isolate yourself from everybody else. Doing something alone, but with a company. Heck, even the monks living in isolation had their monk peers tag along to do the same sh*t with ‘em. Y’all feel me?

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