Dropship Breakthru Review (Jon Warren)

Jon Warren

Jon Warren believes that high ticket dropshipping changed his life for the better. He started doing it seven years ago, and has never  looked back since then. And guess what, he wants you to get a similar radical transformation as well. That’s why he, together with Ben Knegendorf, launched Dropship Breakthru in 2021. Learn more about the said coaching program in my review. Scroll below.

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Imma be honest, issa bit worrying that Dropship Breakthru is just a rebranded version of Jon’s Build Sell Grow Repeat. The thing is, there’s a high chance the rebranding is done to sweep something terrible under the rug. Since I didn’t see any violent reactions about it— hell, I didn’t see any comments at all— I guess it just embarrassingly flopped.

It’s not as bad as changing names because the program got involved in some shady sh*t, alright. But bad is bad, especially considering the importance of marketing in dropshipping. And Jon seems to be not very good at it. That’s what I gather from the mediocre traction his previous program gained BTW.

Hell, he can’t even choose a name that won’t sound like another business model. To me, Dropship Breakthru’s previous name sounds more like a real estate biz rather than a dropshipping one. Y’know, it’s seriously giving me BRRRR vibes. Not ideal to say the least.

Anyways, here are the important deets about Dropship Breakthru besides its previous iterations. Described as the “only program you’ll ever need for building and growing a life-changing ecommerce business”, Dropship Breakthru includes a five-step system to help you get started in e-com. The said system is derived from Jon’s Chandelier dropshipping biz. It’s also marketed as beginner-friendly, with claim that it can help newbies successfully launch their first online biz in the next thirty days or so.

In addition, it’s not only for beginners, but also for those with existing biz who feel like they’ve hit a wall. For instance, those who are struggling to grow their biz for whatever reason. Likewise, this is also for those who are satisfied with the current state of their biz, but still want to learn new strategies for improvement, scaling, and future-proofing.

Here’s what you’ll have by the end of the program: One, you’ll be able to identify your target market. Essentially, know who your people are, and what to sell to them. Two, you’ll secure connections with local suppliers. Which means the old school way of getting stuff from China is a not recommended. As it should be, not everyone has the patience to wait weeks, maybe even months, to get their parcel.

Three, you’ll be able to build a complete e-commerce website and marketing system even if you start from scratch. As in zero marketing experience prior to Dropship Breakthru. That’s their claim. Coming from someone who’s marketing skills are questionable at best, I really dunno what to say.

Besides the bits I already mentioned above, t’is also the dude who only started an IG page of his Chic Chandeliers biz two years after its inception. Waiting that long as if social media presence doesn’t matter [it does]. Hell, he can’t even link the said store properly, erroneously putting an extra “c” on the URL. C’mon Jon, wyd?

The rest of what you’ll get by the end of the program are as follows: Attract paying clients [duh!], uncover a complete seven-figure marketing strategy, develop life-changing skills that you can also use elsewhere, and take control of your time [without outsourcing, dropshipping can be a bit time-consuming, though].

Dropship Breakthru Review

Now, for the million dolla question, what’s the price of Dropship Breakthru? Well, Dropship Breakthru cost a one time payment of $1,997 and a monthly subscription payment of $97. Yup, a few bucks from two Gs is somehow not enough to get lifetime access. Already awful price-wise IMHO.

Personally, I’m not going to invest that much to learn dropshipping. Not right now when the biz is more competitive as ever. Good on Jon that he’s able to start one in 2014 which is considered one of the golden years of dropshipping. The problem is, the good ‘ol days are already over. Don’t let any dropshipping gurus tell you otherwise.

In reality, it pretty much sucks now. All the effort to do marketing promos, nurture supplier relationships, and streamline processes just to get low profit margins… No, thank you! Screw settling for such when there’s better online biz opportunities out there. Safe to say, I won’t recommend dropshipping programs, including Dropship Breakthru.

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