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Brenae Robinson

Brenae Robinson is the “Fir$t Airbnb Coach” who claims to get aspiring businesswomen closer to subletting their first Airbnb. Not only that, she’s also an Airbnb superhost herself, a real estate investor, and a globetrotter. Is the prospect of everyday being a payday sounds appealing to you? If yes, Brenae says she got ya. Find out if she can walk the talk in my review down below.

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So, here’s the summary of what life can be with an Airbnb biz according to Brenae: One, having multiple income streams is very possible since you can do the biz while still having a day job. It’s all up to you, no need to tell your boss at work. Two, the paycheck you’ll earn from the said day job would be nice to have rather than need to have.

The suggestion to keep a day job is there, but the point is, you don’t need to… eventually. While Brenae had a distinguished career with many promotions and bonuses, she still got tired of the corporate grind. At the same time, doing something different seems out of the picture since the job is previously her only source of income.

With short term rentals (STRs), you can kiss the fear of uncertainty away ‘cause you can do both— business and corporate career. In any case your biz didn’t go well as anticipated, you won’t get caught without a roof over ya head ‘cause you still have your day job.

But she doesn’t want your biz to flop like that. In fact, her mission is teaching you how to do your business well. She also clarifies that while you can do biz and career simultaneously, don’t treat the former as a side hustle. Register your business, establish its credit profile, do your market research, and get serious. I mean, duh, but alright.

Things took a turn for the worse the moment she recommended the use of rabbu dot com. Simply put, that site is bad, bad news. Rabbu has terrible customer service, has a history of fraudulent charges, and is very incompetent in managing STRs, they allowed someone’s property to get destroyed. Someone even suggested that it’s nothing but a “data scam”.

It’s either Brenae is a sellout or at best, just giving a sh*tty advice. Whatever it is, the suggestion is something I don’t wanna hear from a mentor. This is NOT how to do your Airbnb biz well.

Regardless, let’s talk about Brenae’s flagship course named Get-It-Done! Get Your Fir$t Airbnb. It was described as a comprehensive course that’ll teach you how to build, fund, launch, operationalize [yes, this is a word], manage, and scale your STR biz. Everything you need to know from A to Z.

Besides the do-it-at-your-own-pace online course, signing up for the course would also give you the following: Weekly group coaching and mentorship calls for eight weeks, two customized one-on-one strategy sessions, and access to a private Facebook group.

Brenae Robinson Reviews

There are several options to cover the cost of Brenae’s course. It’s either a one-time payment of $3,200, two payments of $1,600 each, four payments of $800 each, or an agreed upon flexible payment plan with $500 initial deposit. If you’re only after the course and group access, the price would be one-time payment of $1,200.

With that price plus Brenae’s tendency to give shitty advice, it’s safe to say that I won’t recommend the course. Paying lotta bucks just to hear some puff piece on OPMs and the likes? No, thank you! And no, there’s not enough social proof outside her site to convince me otherwise.

I won’t recommend STRs including Airbnb rental arbitrage as a business model either. I’ve said this many times already and I will say it again, it’s not as simple as these Airbnb gurus make it out to be. Lots of stuff to consider: The laws, the landlords, the demand for STRs in the area, and so on.

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