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The Commission Report Review

The Commission Report (Coach Brendan)

The Commission Report sure sounds like a CIA top secret typa sh*t. I mean, besides the name, what else could make you earn up to $15,750 a week on autopilot, without ever speaking to anyone? I’m not making this sh*t up, they indeed mention the said figure plus the means of getting it [which apparently doesn’t require much work from you].  Smells like complete bull, yeah? We’ll see in my review below.

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Gotta say that I’m skeptical right from the get go. Thinking that I’ve seen this opportunity before one way or another. Turns out, this is the same ‘ol hybrid MLM yet again. That’s right, it’s the same ‘ol sh*ttiness, just in a different package.

If you’re not familiar, these MLMs try to look a little different from each other. Different URL links, different squeeze page’s aesthetics, different “coaches”, etc. The said difference, however, is just superficial. In reality, they share the same foundations, the same business model [do these money-draining sh*t still count as one?], and the same payment scheme and membership levels.

Testimonials where they flaunt cash checks from FedEx and only that? Check. A Marc Wilson typa coach who you likely don’t see anywhere other than the sales pitch? Bill Beli-check [I’ll see myself out]. Promising an “ultimate hands-free income machine” where you apparently don’t do anything at all besides paying the hefty membership fee? Also check.

Speaking of the membership fee, here’s the deal. To reiterate, every similar hybrid MLM opportunity shares the same membership tiers/levels. It’s even listed on the same old ass photo that gets passed around for god knows how many that comparing it to getting passed around like a blunt would be an understatement. For some reason, they haven’t retired it yet. To me, issa sign of BS incoming.

Now, for the actual membership levels, Imma list them down here including their corresponding cost and commission share: First is The Commission Report’s Gold level that costs $3247 ($247 admin fee) and gives a $1,500 commission on every sale. Next is Platinum level at $7,447 ($447 admin fee) with commission of $3,500 on every sale.

Then, the third one is Diamond level at $14,647 ($647 admin fee) with commission of $7,000 on every sale. Lastly, The Commission Report’s highest tier at Royal level cost a whopping $21,847 ($847 admin fee) with $10,500 (or $15,750 if you got the fast action bonus) commission every sale.

The fast action bonus depends on the level you purchased. If you bought the Platinum level within 48 hours, it’ll be upgraded to Diamond. Likewise, if you bought the Diamond level within the same time frame, it’ll be upgraded to Royal level. Lastly, Royal level with fast action bonus will net you 75% of its membership fee as commission instead of the usual 50%.

“What if it all was true and real?” is the question that kept Coach Brendan of The Commission Report up at night. My retort would be “What if t’was not?” Like, The Commission Report, just like every other hybrid MLMs I’ve reviewed before, is not as good as advertised. It’s awful, even. This is not a legit money-making opportunity unless you’re a scummy coach like this Brendan dude.

Forget about the promise of not doing anything like no selling, no convincing, and no chasing. Paying exorbitant membership fees is too much of a “doing” already IMHO. Worse, paying that much doesn’t even guarantee a commission here. Issa tough sell, and the coaches here are only interested in getting their own direct referrals.

The Commission Report Review

Obviously, I wouldn’t recommend The Commission Report. It’s pricey, it’s unsustainable, and it’s not ethical. Lotta people are now fully aware on how sh*tty these borderline pyramid scheme opportunities are, and you, the one reading this review, should know it by now as well. Don’t buy it, don’t sell it, and save yourself from the hassle.

And yes, it’s close to being a pyramid scheme, but not quite. Unfortunately, the opportunity still counts as hybrid MLM, and not as the dreaded scheme named after Egypt’s pointy buildings of the dead, for including trash PLRs and outdated digital assets for the products.

Like c’mon, technicality aside, we know that the commission from referrals is the only selling point here which is bad news. My point is, don’t settle for something sh*tty. Lots of legit online businesses out there, and hybrid MLMs like The Commission Report ain’t one. Copy?

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