Brian Adamson Reviews

Brian Adamson

Brian Adamson in his “Who is Brian Adamson?” video introduces himself as a sixteen-year real estate investor, mentor, educator, and founder of BBR Investment Group. Given his extensive experience, y’all probably thought that he’s all about doing real estate and no corporate job. That’s what he thought as well until the great recession of year ‘07 and ‘08 happened.

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In his mind, getting a degree is just a backup plan. He’s more keen on building his real estate portfolio right away. Given his wholesaling stint during his junior years, he just knows that real estate is the sure-fire way to build generational wealth.

But again, it all changed due to THE recession. He didn’t completely understand what’s up with the changing market. “I was ignorant,” he straight-up admitted. And yet it gave him enough pause to rethink his real estate endeavor. He’s like, I should go ahead and get a job first, and maybe worry about building a portfolio later. And that’s what he did.

He’s been in corporate America for a solid decade, then he managed to slot his real estate dream into the mix at some point. He’s juggling both until he’s able to fully embrace the idea of opportunity cost.

“Being trapped in that [corporate] environment is losing me money,” he explains, “because think about it, if I was able to accomplish almost my six figure salary on a monthly basis while working fifty, sixty hours, then what could I accomplish if I had all of that time back.”

The other concept he had to understand to keep himself from screwing things up is the importance of mentors. “Up to that point, I’ve been opportunistic and not educated— I didn’t have a mentor, I didn’t have anybody kind of guiding me.” Him losing half a million dollars is his wake-up call to seek information and mentorship. Eventually, it became the “birthing place” of his mentorship many years later.

To Brian, his biggest accomplishment to date is not the money, not the net worth, and not the fancy things. Instead, it’s the fact that he’s able to take his skill set, his wisdom, and his know-how, and give it to others in his program. Spoken like a typical mentor, no surprises here.

Since he’s all about his mentor persona, let’s talk about his training offer in iFlip Masterclass. You can register for free [yes, price is zero dollars] for the intro training if you’re willing to part with your contact deets. Privacy be damned, amirite?

In all seriousness, what annoyed me is the immediate upsell before I can even see the masterclass. Lemme see the free training first before you shove your $10 eBook in my face. Like, dude, chill!

Skipping the eBook offer, here’s what you’ll get with the intro training: A free guide eBook [with link to a video version inside], an option to add the free masterclass webinar to your calendar, and a link to join iFlip Masterclass Facebook group.

His first piece of advice is learning how to invest remotely. Because if you do, you’ll have opportunities to leverage even when the market is down. This investment requires expanding your reach across different regions, taking advantage of opportunities while protecting your financial future.

Brian Adamson Reviews

His next advice? Learn how to raise OPMs. Have money to make more money as they say. Since you can’t just make money out of thin air, a realistic way to get access to funds would be raising OPMs. As the guide mentions, “Having access to funds can prove critical when it comes to making profitable investments.”

For his third piece of advice, he encourages aspiring real estate investors to learn how to analyze deals themselves. Learning how after-repair value (ARV) works, how to assess the scope of repair work to be done, how to thoroughly inspect and appraise properties, that kind of stuff.

The fourth and last piece of advice would be learning how to buy deals for cashflow and not for equity only. This means focusing on areas with high rental demand and stable/rising home values [e.g., suburban areas with good schools]. All seems sound until I saw the website he suggested for real estate resources. Simply put, what he suggested is dogwater. Talk about dropping the ball like Brenae!

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