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Jeff Brown is one of the names that you will hear a lot if you’re active in the finance industry. He is well-known as the founder of Brownstone Research, a publishing company that specializes in “bringing executive-level investment research, normally reserved for investment banks and venture capital firms, into the hands of your typical retail investors.” He’s also featured in a number of publications in the past, including Investor’s Business Daily, Forbes Magazine, Yahoo! Finance News, and most recently, in the Wall Street Journal, the Financial Times, and even on CNBC Asia’s “Asia Market Wrap”. He’s the main editor of several subscription services, but his most well-known product is The Near Future Report.

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Aside from being the founder of Brownstone Research, Jeff is also an active angel investor. This means that he is the kind of investor who monitors early-stage technology startups. He is into tech stocks, promising biotech companies, and even cryptocurrencies and blockchain stocks. His investment strategy involves leveraging his access to information that the general public is not aware of (thanks to his connections) to find the best early-stage tech companies. Then he recommends them to people who are subscribed to his newsletter. That is how he can provide such high returns to his investors.

To find the best stock picks, he identifies a tech stock that has the perfect company profile, based on several factors. Because he believes that when a company lacks the right business formula, even with a great product, it will not even take off. Especially in the tech industry where there are several startups and players that saturate it, which is the main reason why usually, 9 out of 10 of these startups fail. Therefore, he has to be extremely meticulous and decisive in his picks to get a profit advantage and he has been doing that for the most part. He has also talked about cryptocurrencies in the past and claims that, back in 2016, he has already predicted its upward trend, and has made massive profit gains from it due to investing in it before Bitcoin’s value rose to 26,000%

Interestingly, Jeff has made a number of financial predictions back in 2021, and with this knowledge, we can get a feel of what we can expect from him in 2022. First up on the list is a presentation about something he was referring to as “G.T.E. (Global Token Exchange) Technology. He was saying that with this technology, we can have up to 20,000 IPOs in one day, and with just $25, you could profit from every single one. He was not talking about Initial Public Offerings in the conventional sense, rather he was talking about asset tokenization and the blockchain. He was explaining that there would be a “World IPO day” when there would be thousands of “IPOs” and these would just be new tokenized assets coming to market. You may think that he’s probably talking about NFTs here, but Jeff Brown assures us that it’s much more than that.

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His next 2021 tech prediction is stated in a publication that has him talking about S.C.G. (Spatial Computing Glasses) technology. Spatial Computing Glasses are a form of eyeglasses with augmented reality technology built into it. The best example of this is the Google Glass. He was saying that S.C.G. is likely to be transformational and could revolutionize the niche in the next 50 years, as the technology is rather disruptive. Since when further developed, it could entirely replace a smartphone. On top of that, companies like Apple, Google, Amazon, Facebook & Microsoft are all involved in it. He predicts that since major tech companies are investing in this innovation, he says you may want to consider a little-known firm that will supply these companies as it makes its SCGs.

Jeff Brown also has a rather positive outlook on the Metaverse, which is basically a creation of digital realities where people work, play, and socialize. During the time of Jeff’s presentation, Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook (renamed Meta) wants to be the leader in the new trend because Zuckerberg sees it as the future of how people will interact. But Jeff Brown says that it won’t stop with Facebook, and other big companies will certainly follow suit (and as of 2022, they did). He also reveals that up to five trillion-dollar tech companies and four billionaires are working hard to dominate the Metaverse as gradually goes mainstream.

Aside from these major predictions, Jeff also forecasts quite a number of positive financial developments in other tech areas like biotech, artificial intelligence, a recovery from the global chip shortage, and many others. An impressive thing about Jeff Brown is that he never backs down from his forecasts and is really consistent with them. But that doesn’t mean that you should take his advice as absolute. You should still do your due diligence and research into these stock trends by yourself, and never put your eggs under one basket. I don’t think you should pay too much money for his newsletter programs, though.

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