Holton Buggs Review

Holton Buggs

Holton Buggs, founder of iBuumerang, celebrated his 28th year anniversary with his wife Earlene Buggs recently. From Earlene’s Instagram post, she expressed her happiness by saying “some things are just meant to be…our love is written in the stars. Happy Anniversary my love.” They’re a picture-perfect couple that started from being childhood sweethearts to close partners with whatever biz Young Holton comes up. Now, they’re married, living a millionaire lifestyle, and posting pics of themselves with matching outfits on Instagram. Don’t be blinded by the glamour of these lovey-doveys though. Their biz ain’t cute like their relationship. Let me tell you why I don’t recommend working with Holton in the review below.

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Let me start this discussion by saying that I noticed this trope among the fit and athletic gurus. Like, they are always on the way to becoming a pro in some sport, but experienced a very serious injury that basically ended their pro career aspiration. This is Holton on his football dreams. I thought this was unique, but I’ve reviewed gurus like Misha Wilson and Jemal King that had the same narrative going for them, but on tennis and baseball, respectively.

Same with other gurus, he also had this story where he founded some smaller business in the past that fizzled out quite badly, leaving him with $250,000 in debt and close to being homeless. It all changed when he received a phone call from a friend who introduced him to MLM. He then become a millionaire. Sounds familiar, right? It’s just the story about how these gurus stumbled upon some brilliant mentor that shared some secrets to becoming a millionaire. I wonder when I’ll meet my “mentor” friend, I hope they give me the winning lotto numbers….

Anyway, how ironic that the name of Holton’s current biz is inspired by a boomerang. You know, the funny-looking stick that comes back when you throw it. Not the same can be said to Holton’s biz, more like the opposite. You throw your money here, you lost it forever.

So, how exactly are you wasting your money, among other things like time and relationship with friends, when you join Holton’s business? Well, it’s MLM, the type of business that will make less than 1% of its members earn a LOT at the expense of 95% failing badly. The usual will feed you with deceptive and cult-like words so you keep paying them mullahs to potentially sell their products that are usually crappy and overpriced. In reality, the only viable way to earn in this kind of biz is to recruit others as your downline, someone that will pay iBuumerang to join. In the end, it’s just a pyramid scheme in disguise. If you don’t know, such scheme is illegal.

Holton Buggs Review

Let’s talk about the specifics of Holton’s business. iBuumerang is a MLM company that started offering products related to travel industry such as iGo. They charge a onetime fee of up to $1,000 and a monthly fee of $49 to $100. Since then, they expanded their product lineup that caters lifestyle and wellness needs such as essential oils (Zence), skin care products (Skintech), and a bills app (Bill Genius). They also have a forex trading app in Ellev8. It’s a weird mix of products, quite frankly. Like, how can you trust a biz with its roots being only in the travel industry to offer a competitive product in a very different  and non-related fields such as health supplements and trading?

Like I said before, the products are usually crappy and overpriced aka the quality of the product doesn’t really matter. It’s a recurring theme for Holton too since he joined IQ Chain, a cryptocurrency biz, as a consultant when he knows practically nothing about crypto. The main goal for MLMs like Holton’s is to squeeze out your money via paying their subscription fee and tire you out by making you recruit for them. Expect some broken friendships here and there too since asking someone to join MLM is annoying and downright pushy for most people.

Finally, if iBuumerang being an MLM is not enough to be a deal breaker, then let me add that Holton is a very shady individual that I’ll personally won’t want to work with, MLM biz or not. See the cryptocurrency biz I mentioned earlier? It’s a scam. Specifically, it’s a Ponzi scheme. He’s also sued for stealing trade secrets from another MLM (see AmeriSciences case) and had to pay $3 million in damages. Lastly, his similar MLM in the travel industry field called YTB International failed miserably because of several pyramid scheme accusations.

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