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You would be surprised by how many people some kind of service that’s revolved around the world of e-commerce. It makes sense though. A lot of people are buying most of the stuff they need online. Considering that most people have stayed inside for an entire because of the pandemic, it made sense that everybody bought essentials through apps or websites so that we wouldn’t contract the virus by going outside. Even before that, a lot of us were buying any kind of stuff online whether on purpose or because we were drunk as hell late one night.

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Build Assets Online a company that was founded by brothers Mike and Joe Brusca. The company, as their name suggests, is focused on building certain assets so that you can earn money. I mean most people getting into e-commerce want to earn money. E-commerce plays a large role is building those assets. But the strategy and mindset that Mike and Joe wants to impart is that you invest some of the money you earn from your asset into a different asset. And when that asset becomes profitable, you do the invest on another asset. That’s where the building part comes into. You’re building a portfolio of sorts that will earn you money.

Mike and Joe, through the Build Assets Online brand, provides a free course they call the Online Asset Playbook. You just need to give them an e-mail address and they will you login credentials to the course site. The course isn’t that long, to be honest. I think you can finish the entire within two hours of getting the login credentials. It’s mostly just videos that give an overview on what type of online assets you need to invest in.

The first part of the building a million dollars worth of assets is with high ticket dropshipping. Dropshipping is fairly common method in e-commerce where you outsource the inventory and delivery of a product to a wholesaler who has the products you are going to sell. You will have to set up your own digital storefront on a e-commerce platform like Shopify. Instead of finding products through suppliers on AliExpress, you will have to search for local suppliers that offer a wholesaler program. The high ticket part often refers to more expensive products.

The goal is to make your e-commerce business profitable within 12 to 16 months. And then after that, you will sell your business to people who are willing to buy them. I honestly didn’t think you could flip a website like you would do a house. But apparently people will pay top dollar if an e-commerce business is profitable. Once you’ve gotten the money from the flip, you will then invest some of that money into content sites.

Content sites are websites like blogs that are build around a certain topic. The way that you make it profitable is finding certain keywords that aren’t hard to rank on search results. Once you’ve low competition keywords, you will make content out of that subject. You don’t have to put out so much content in such a short amount of time. But you do need to put fresh content using those keywords every now and then. This one takes a longer to become profitable. But when it does, you do the same thing you did with dropshipping. Once you’ve gotten the money, you will then invest some of that on something called land flipping.

It’s legitimate land flipping. Like you’re actually going buy land that you could possibly sell for at least a return on your investment. It’s definitely something you will a lot more money into compared to dropshipping or content sites. But if people are interested in a piece land that you have, you could a lot of money from it potentially.

All of the content in the Online Assets Playbook is really just a sample for their Elite Fleet course, which costs either $2499 or $4999. The difference mainly is how many coaching sessions you’ll get in the package. There’s a lot more content that wasn’t really talk about in the free course. But I’ve got to say it’s a really expensive and I don’t ordinary people can afford it. The pricing is sort of similar to some of the other mentorship programs I have seen.

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