Ecommerce Empire Builders Cost, Concerns

Ecommerce Empire Builders

Ecommerce Empire Builders is Peter Pru’s collection of programs and services about anything dropshipping. It started with him just simply sharing his eCommerce strategies. Fast forward to now, they also have DFY services that usually complement their self-study programs. Regardless of how saturated the dropshipping space is, they still claim to have you replace your full-time income as fast as 30 days with it. Possible, but very improbable. Continue below to know its cost plus some of my concerns.

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To understand Ecommerce Empire Builders, let’s talk about each of their flagship offers for their self-study programs and DFY services. Starting with their flagship self-study program, Ecommerce Empire Academy is a step-by-step system to growing a successful Shopify dropshipping biz. As long as you take action and follow the system to the t, you’ll get yourself a winning store. My pessimistic ass sees this as setting you up, so they can blame you, only you and not themselves, for any epic fail that may happen. Not even the ones that’s on them. Whaddya think?

Anyway, the course training is composed of seven modules. The first module titled Mindset Shift talks about what its title says – reprogramming your mind to be conducive to success. It’s not really talking about dropshipping per se, but the things that you have to iron out yourself to make setting up any biz, which includes dropshipping obviously, easy-peasy. 

Next in line is the module titled Market And Offers. Here, you’ll learn how to pick the right product in the right niche, so you can build yourself a profitable online store. Not only that, it’ll also reveal some useful and ethical hacks on how to sell well and how to steal your competitors’ customers through irresistible offers. Just a side note, they should’ve taken their lessons on ethical selling way more seriously as they’re guilty, caught in 4k if I should say, of fake scarcity tactics and the countdown timer thing.

Meanwhile, the third module titled Funnels And Continuity is about implementing a high-converting and plug-and-play store template. The most juicy tip here, no need to pause BTW *wink*, is about boosting the sale conversion rate by 30%. Y’know, turn those eyeballs looking at ya store to an actual buyer.

Modules four, five, and six, on the other hand, are all about marketing. Specifically, it discusses details on how to do email marketing, influencer and organic marketing, and Facebook advertising. In relation to the third module, this is how you get the ones you’ll convert into buyers as mentioned.

Last but not the least is the module titled Scaling And Sales Channel. As the name of it implies, it’s about scaling your online store past six figures. This includes building your brand even further to have a customer base of diehard stans. To add, outsourcing key tasks of your store as a scaling initiative is also recommended here.

All of the modules above plus access to a private group and weekly Q and A calls are what’s on the other side of Ecommerce Empire Academy that cost $1,997. Pricey, right? Wait til’ you hear out one of their flagship DFY services in Business In A Box that costs around $7,500 up to $10,000.

Ecommerce Empire Builders Cost, Concerns

Obviously, my main concern here would be the pricing. $1,997 for a self-study and do-it-yourself thang is just absurd. And don’t count on their refund policy to save your ass, a lot has to go file a formal complaint on BBB before they honor such. It’s just the standard one too, and not their eyebrow-raising “double your money back guarantee” that’ll give double the amount of what you paid.

On the other hand, the pricing for their DFY services could be reasonable until I saw some chatters on how Ecommerce Empire Builder usually underdelivers. I wouldn’t be comfortable working with a team who’ll accept any deals, regardless if they can accomplish such or not, for the sake of making kaching. C’mon, Peter and his team always flaunt their 20 years of eCommerce experience, so they should’ve known better. The “crossing the bridge when we get there” mentality from so-called expert builders is not really acceptable at this point.

Another concern would be the competitive market of dropshipping. Sure, Ecommerce Empire Builders are not explicitly admitting that it’s hard to stand out in the dropshipping space, but the implications of having a chunk of their training dedicated to marketing says otherwise. Is it even worth it to do dropshipping these days when you’re always tiptoeing between earning a few coins to even operating at a net loss? Don’t get surprised by the latter scenario as you have to gamble the bag on setting up those pricey ads to get you sales. With that, Ecommerce Empire Builders would be a hard pass for me.

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