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There are so many ways for people to earn a living on the internet. A lot of people find success through selling on an e-commerce platform. Sometimes they create training programs that will help you get necessarily skills to do well in a certain industry. There is no shortage of things that you can learn about online. But it’s great that there are people who are willing to share their knowledge and expertise to people who want to learn. It’s no wonder that people like Chris Bumstead have earned themselves a certain net worth.

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If you have ever searched for fitness videos on YouTube, you probably may have seen videos from Chris Bumstead. I don’t really know Chris Bumstead all that much prior to writing about him. But looking at some of the videos he has posted or appeared in, I probably have seen him before but haven’t really paid attention that much. Sometimes you just want to have background noise while writing. And fitness videos were one that I got into for a certain period.

If you’ve seen videos or even pictures of Chris, you will definitely see that he has committed to bodybuilding. But it didn’t really start out that way. He was into bodybuilding when he was in college. Though it wasn’t something that he thought would be his career. I mean, if you’re a guy in college, you kind of what to do all the stereotypical things a college student does. Go out and have fun at parties, mainly.

But as time went on, Chris sort of got more into bodybuilding. As he reached a certain goal that he set for himself, a new goal would pop up. Slowly, his goals got higher. There was just something that flipped in his brain that he wanted to do great at bodybuilding. Life is weird like that sometimes. He participated in his first bodybuilding show with his sister Melissa. They managed to win at the competition.

Chris got into competitive bodybuilding at the age of 19. It’s insane how young you can start to become a competitive bodybuilder. I feel like most of the muscles haven’t really settled by that age. But you could definitely bulk up. It doesn’t seem like he earned any awards. It was until two years later that he earned his IFBB pro card from winning the heavyweight division at the North American championships of the IFBB. Earning that card basically means you can pursue professional bodybuilding as a career.

There isn’t really that much else of note regarding Chris’s professional bodybuilding career. After earning the pro card, he joined other bodybuilding divisions, mainly the Classic Physique category. He managed to get into the top three for the contests that he participated in. Though they did discover that Chris had an autoimmune disease when he was preparing for the 2018 Mr. Olympia competition. He managed to become a runner-up in the competition in spite of it. I feel like sometimes you can tough out certain challenges. But it’s insane that he still did it.

It was in 2019 that Chris won the Classic Physique category in the Mr. Olympia competition. He managed to keep that title for three consecutive years. At some point between all of that, Chris got into becoming a content creator on YouTube. Like a lot of fitness and bodybuilding creators on the platform, most of his content revolves around his routine and a bunch of other stuff. I mean, guys showing off their bodies in the thumbnail helps drive clicks. His videos do surprisingly well. They rank up hundreds of thousands of views. It’s no wonder he managed to rake up a net worth of $40,000,000.

His fame among the fitness and bodybuilding side of YouTube and other platforms and in the bodybuilding community has lead him to create a brand for himself. CBUM is the brand for all things Chris Bumstead. It basically covers everything you’d expect from a fitness brand. You have nutritional supplements and even a subscription service for an online fitness program. It just makes sense to expand your brand into familiar territory. The subscriptions doesn’t seem that expensive. But you will need to purchase equipment in order to work out.

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