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Shane Burcaw Net Worth

Sometimes you learn a lot from other people’s experiences. It helps you learn empathy and understanding that not everybody has the same struggles as you. You try to be as nice as you can to the people around you. The way I learn about other people is through posts such as this one. I do have to mention that I do have a lot of blind spots about certain things or certain people. It’s sometimes very hard to know as much as you can because often we have to be more aware of what’s in front of us.

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Shane Burcaw is an author, activist and content creator who has a condition called spinal muscular atrophy. There was a video that was made him in 2013 that basically tells about his life and the people that surround him. He has spent of his life in a wheelchair. But before that video, he actually started a blog. There was a period in time where almost everybody were writing on blog on whatever platform. Fortunately, he was writing on Tumblr.

He was getting a lot of attention from people who were on Tumblr which probably lead to him getting that feature on that YouTube channel. Slowly, he was getting a lot attention. In is sophomore year in college, he and his cousin Sarah decided to start a nonprofit that was based on the same title as his blog, Laughing At My Nightmare, Inc. That nonprofit essentially became the thing that they focused on. Sometimes things grow exponentially that you put more of your attention in it. Focusing on a nonprofit makes a lot of sense.

Shane then went to compile most of the blog posts that he has done and written a few new ones that eventually became his memoir that was released in 2014. That lead him writing a few more books including a children’s book and another memoir. At this point he’s still pretty much involved with the operation of the nonprofit. He goes to schools to talk about how to live their lives to the fullest.

I forget to mention that he married his girlfriend Hannah in 2020. Shane met Hannah because she sent him a e-mail after she watched the documentary about him. It’s sort of an unusual way to meet, to be honest. But sometimes the start of a relationship can be random like that. Slowly they got to know and they became a couple in 2018. Later on they started their YouTube channel Squirmy and Grubs where they post videos about their life.

The videos that they upload are very sweet. It’s nice to see unconditional love like that. Despite all of the comments that they have received wherein Shane couldn’t sexually satisfy her, their relationship seems very strong. It’s just kind of insane that there are people who would say that stuff out loud. Though it does make you curious how it works, I guess? Those kinds of comments were enough for them to do a video about it. That’s where the empathy and understanding comes in.

There isn’t really much else to what Shane has been up to after that. He hasn’t really posted on his blog on Tumblr since 2020. Though I feel like a lot of people weened away from writing blogs in favor of photos on Instagram or videos on Youtube and TikTok. The nonprofit seems to be going strong. It seems like most of his efforts are going into the nonprofit. It just so happens that people’s priorities change.

Sometimes we no longer are interested to the things that we did before. I sort of get why Shane slowly shifted from writing blog posts on Tumblr to focusing on his nonprofit. At this point, he has a net worth of roughly $950,000. Shane seems to be doing fine. He posts a lot more on Instagram where he has more than 500,000 followers. It seems like has a much more wider reach than he had on Tumblr. But most of the captions that he writes on his photos are still pretty much in the form of a blog post. It’s nice that he has still be talking about his life in order to advocate for people who have the same condition as him.

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