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Matt Burch is a man known for repossessing people’s cars. At least that’s what he did on TV. As one of the star’s of the truTV reality series “Operation: Repo,” he was responsible for a lot of fan favorite moments on the show. With so many people in the cast, it’s hard to keep track of them. But Matt’s bald head and signature handlebar mustache is easily recognizable if you somehow see him in the streets. So how exactly did get into the world of repossession and reality TV? And how much is his net worth? We’re about to find out.

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There isn’t much to be known about Matt Burch’s origins. And that makes sense considering that his only came to fame is the television series “Operation: Repo.” Interestingly enough, the series first started a Spanish-language series that aired on Telemundo from 2006 to 2008. The series later shifted to a primarily English-language show when it aired on truTV from 2008 to 2014. He hasn’t done much since the show ended. Well, except for starring in a film version of the series.

You’re probably wondering what exactly is a repossession. It is basically a way to reclaim ownership for a property that hasn’t been paid off that has value. Usually, lenders will repossession a property if lack of payment has lapsed for a long period of time. The lender will hire a third party to handle the repossession. Cars are often repossessed the most, but any property like a house or jewelry can be repossessed. And that’s where repo men like Matt come in.

Now, Matt’s journey to becoming a household name when it comes to repossession came when his former boss Luis “Lou” Pizzaro decided to go into filmmaking. It doesn’t seem like a usual career path a repo man with thirteen years of experience would take. Being invited by a local news station to do a segment on repossession became the spark for Lou to pursue filmmaking. Through his experience as a repo man, and his sudden desire to be filmmaker, “Operacion: Repo” was born. It became the number one television show on Telemundo during the years it was on that channel. truTV seem to take notice and decided to take that show and most of its cast to the network.

Matt was hired partly due to his friendship with Sonia’s then husband Froy. Sonia worked at his brother’s repo company along with her niece Lyndah. Matt and Froy’s friendship spanned a few years. And through that friendship, they became synonymous with the word repossession.

In the series, a camera crew follows the ins and outs of Lou’s repo company. The thing about the show is that it’s partly real and partly scripted. The main cast do actually work a repo company. But the situations and the flow of the episode are scripted based on events that actually happened. Obviously, reality shows do often heighten tension and drama through the magic of editing. That’s a thing people generally know when watching reality shows. Sometimes the people in front of the camera know how to play out the tension on camera.

Because of that, Matt Burch reached a net worth of about $400,000 during the show’s run on TV. And that’s not a bad figure for almost a decade on the air. It’s not really known if they continue to do repos to this day. Or they have taken a bit of a break after the show ended. They haven’t really done much of note currently. Though a few of the cast have been out and about the past few years.

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