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Reviewing Brendon Burchard’s Net Worth (GrowthDay)

There are so many motivational gurus, speakers, leaders or whatever you want to call them, out there. And frankly, I am getting tired of it. I honestly thought that there were only a few of them out there and that they have pretty much had their grip on the entire enterprise. I guess I was wrong. As I keep researching about these personalities, I am utterly shocked to find out that there are more than a handful of them. Is one person motivating you not enough?!

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Apparently, Brendon Burchard is the “world’s number one high performance coach.” There are so many ways that motivational speakers refer to themselves as. But even then, they would sometimes include motivational speaker a few sentences after whatever descriptor they chose to sound different. If you never seen a motivational speaker do what they do before, you’re probably not missing out on much.

More often that not, there is a moment in their life that will lead them to suddenly rethink everything that they’ve been doing up to that point. In Brendon’s case, it was a car accident when he was 19 years old. That event lead him to these three questions: “Did I live? Did I love? Did I matter?” Those questions basically shaped how Brendon approaches his work.

I feel like those questions are a lot more loaded than they seem to be. If I answer the questions as is, the answers would probably be “Yes; yes; in the grand scheme of things, probably not.” If Brendon asked me those questions, there’s probably a lot more to those questions that I ever bargained for. It would feel like that my concepts of life, love and mattering were actually wrong.

Brendon, based on what’s on his official biography, was a pioneer of the type of online classes that a lot of motivational leaders have. You pay hundreds of dollars in order to have access those courses. But people are willing to pay $250 a year in order to access it. There is always going to be an audience for it, whether we take part in it or not.

It takes a lot of effort to build an audience for this sort of thing. In order to be an effective speaker, you first have to believe what you’re saying. You can’t break through to your audience if you don’t live by the words that you say. There is a performative aspect to it. There is movement, there is speech. You are performing for a crowd. You’re creating a character that’s based on yourself. And you’re hoping that that character resonates to your audience.

Like a lot of other motivational speakers, Brendon has put a lot of his stuff, including the ones from GrowthDay on social media and video sharing platforms. It just makes sense to reach a wider audience. They still earn money through those platforms. Even though his net worth is estimated to be about $25,000,000, it doesn’t hurt to find other revenue streams. He still does events but the pandemic had obviously changed how he does them. I feel like most motivational speakers had started using Zoom to hold events, but they don’t get the kind of large audiences you get from an in-person event.

Did I mention that he also has a podcast? I mean everybody has one nowadays. I’m amazed that everybody has the time to include “podcast recording” into their daily schedules. I guess events don’t come that often because people like Brendon have different revenue streams now. It isn’t as reliant on events but there is probably still something worthwhile about getting to speak in front of thousands of people inside one of the conference rooms of a hotel.

If it hasn’t been obvious, motivational speakers aren’t really my thing. But just because I don’t vibe with what they’re doing doesn’t mean that I can’t appreciate their hustle. Even though there are so many people that does the same thing as him, he still manages to earn money out of it. If people enjoy the work that you’re doing, they will always find a way to support it. People will pay a lot of money just to listen to somebody talk to them for an hour or so. I don’t know what to tell you.

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