Business Engineering Consortium Review (John S. Benjamin)

“Be a David in a world of Goliaths” is one of John’s favorite phrases to use when he makes his videos. Maybe because his goal is for small time business owners to grow big like those who dominate the industry right now. He claims to have known the secrets used by these big sharks to dominate their field of marketing space and now, John has translated those secrets into strategies that you can apply to have the business of your dreams and desires come true.

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John S. Benjamin is the founder of the Business Engineering Consortium, dedicated to guiding businesses to be the best they can be. He claimed to have impacted thousands of lives throughout his time in the industry. 13 years of being a business columnist, published author, lecturer and a trainer. On top of that, he has 22 years of experience as a global product manager at General Electric, driving sales at 20% plus a year. As you can see, he already accomplished expertise in his line of work.

With his experience in the industry for more than 3 decades, he has seen first hand how difficult it is to be an entrepreneur, putting all the effort into their business without having even just the equivalent outcome of what you’ve put through. That’s where getting burned out to the things that you usually like doing come to fall. With all the stress and anxiety built up, it can sometimes affect your relationship with your friends and family.

The saddest part of it is when you go out of business. That’s totally zero, nothing, null. The only take away that you can get from those times is that you’ve learned from your mistakes. But before all of that happens, you can always take your time to have a rest, set aside things that make you feel anxious and when you’re better and ready to get back up, go back to those times. No one wants to start from scratch, right?

Think through what you’ve done wrong for those things to happen, and in the end you’ll be a new and better businessman. That’s what John thinks. You should leverage your values. He will help you think differently and grow exponentially. Hopefully, during your time with him, you must have thought of some of your values. The biggest question here is how come some people can get more done and have an impact in the same world you’re venturing to, and you’re not?

The owners of those successful businesses have learned how to separate the low important values from the higher ones. Examples are their children, thinking about financial security and many other things depending on the person. After you’ve secured those high values, you can now start with those low ones, and you’ll be surprised. Everything can be done if you just know how to properly manage every single thing.

Time and priorities are two different things but are the two most important ones in being an entrepreneur. You should learn how to prioritize important things and eventually you’ll just feel like you’ve saved a lot of time doing work. That’s what makes you scale up your business. You should have a clear vision of your goals so you won’t get on the wrong path. If you don’t mess up, then revenues will flow smoothly like a river.

And when you have saved a lot of time doing work, you’ll have a time to relax, spend quality time with your family and friends. There’s always a positive atmosphere around you, no stress, free from all negativity because you’re not questioning the things you’ve done. You’re now confident in the things that you like doing. That’s what John wants you to achieve, to be successful both in your personal and professional life.

These are just some of the things that he’s capable of making you do. There is a lot more to learn from this seasoned coach. To know more of what he has to offer, you can book a call from him and you’ll also know how much you’ll be paying to have his service. He seems to have a wide range of knowledge about the subject matter he’s talking about. So yeah, be a David in the world of Goliaths, my friend.

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