Bye 9 To 5 Review (Jordan Mackey)

Jordan Mackey

Jordan Mackey asks whether you want to become your own boss by being a YouTuber. But instead of doing the usual grind of churning videos by yourself, you don’t even need to be present in the videos if you follow his method in Bye 9 to 5 course. “Using my method, you’re cutting out the most time consuming parts and finding the shortcut to sustained success on YouTube,” he adds. Sounds interesting to you? Check my review below first to know what’s up.

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Here we go again. Another day, another YouTube automation course along the way. Personally, I’m not fond of this business model. This is easily something where sharing of the trade secrets doesn’t really make sense. One, why are these gurus sharing their secret when making it known to the world would likely lose its alleged profitability? Why not keep it to themselves and juice tf out of that sh*t, then? These gurus, including Jordan, told their students that they can infinitely create “winning” channels, so why not do it themselves? In Jordan’s case, he’s just outsourcing everything, anyway.

The answer is either he doesn’t really have other YouTube channels other than his (rather unimpressive) business channel named after the course or combination of the following: he has other channels, but it’s not as profitable as selling a course; he has other channels, but “automating” videos is not as easy and stress-free as he claims, so he’s done making more and, again, just cashing in from teaching his methods instead; or he has other channels before, but since lost its ability to get monetized.

His OG suggestion involving downloading someone else’s video and uploading it as your own is not only sh*tty, but also obviously adpocalypse worthy aka deserving of  getting denied of earning adsense money. It could’ve worked before, but the updates on the YouTube terms makes stealing someone else’s content not viable anymore, rightfully so if I may say.

Jordan tweaked his method to address the stricter policies. From stealing to just doing the bare f*cking minimum and creating videos out of creative commons content – keeping the main selling point of his course, earning passive income on YouTube without ever showing your face, intact while making the videos legal, technically speaking. With YouTube updates leaning towards cracking down low effort videos, however, the said updated method might get demonetized anytime soon. So, yeah, another piece of garbage advice. Him sharing it in a course makes it worse. It’s like him putting a target on his back.

Bye 9 To 5 Review

Quite frankly, I think that his main source of income is just from selling a course. He knows how unsustainable it is to earn money as a faceless YouTuber churning out garbage content. Selling a course to suckers is so much better. His focus on selling it is very evident on him going through the course in every single video of his. Thought he’s giving some quality advice for free? Nope, the chunk of the video is just him sucking off his Bye 9 to 5 to death.

In any case you’re still curious about the course, here’s the list of the modules included in it: Welcome and Overview, Choosing The Perfect Niche, YouTube Basics, Passing Monetization Review, Instant Monetization, Video Topic Research, Creating And Editing Your Own Videos, SEO Secrets For Truly Going Viral, Advanced Monetization Techniques, My Three Niche Case Studies, Outsourcing And Automation, and eight more modules regarding affiliate marketing (a heads-up that you’ll likely just end up being an affiliate of his sh*tty course to earn some coins here, oof).  You can get the entirety of the course modules plus access to a Facebook community by paying the price of Bye 9 to 5 at $397.

Obviously, I wouldn’t recommend the Bye 9 to 5 course. The method could be legal now, but illegal in the near future. And no matter how you spin it, it’s just an unethical way to earn money and something you can’t be proud of. By doing this automated BS, you’re not only contributing to the cesspool of contents that no one usually wants (which is why I also don’t get how this sh*t can be profitable), but also you’re contributing to YouTube becoming more and more driven by corporate greed – a far cry to what was once a beloved platform to just broadcast yourself. That being said, it’s not bye 9 to 5, but bye to your time, effort, and $397 instead.

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