Cadre Review


Ryan Williams, co-founder and CEO of Cadre, introduces his company revolutionizing commercial real estate investing. According to him, Cadre is proud to be a true fiduciary to its investors. They do what’s best for their investor. Always [or so they claim, of course]. “Even after we acquire each real estate asset, our investment approach is rigorous and we uphold ourselves to only the highest institutional standards,” he explains. To know more about Cadre, see my review below.

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If you want alongside the biggest institutions like Goldman Sachs, Thrive Capital, and the likes, now’s your chance with Cadre. They can hook you with exclusive real estate opportunities, whether you’re investing $10k or $10mil. I doubt someone who qualifies for this, an accredited investor, would only invest ten grand, though.

With a committee that has decades of investing experience collectively along with the insights from their proprietary tools, rest assured that every investment of theirs is done intelligently and assessed every so often. In addition, they have access to a network of more than four hundred local operators all across the states. It’s the Cadre difference.

Ryan adds, “Cadre team works hard behind the scenes to source and underwrite thousands of transactions. Choosing approximately the top two percent of each investment every year.”

“We also make it easy for you to invest on our platform. You can pick and choose individual deal offerings, or you can spread your investment across multiple properties in a diversified fund.”

And they did perform well the past few months, years even. They’re on the rise since the year ‘17 despite the initial slower growth. Although, I’ll warn you, past performance in this investing space isn’t indicative of future performance.

This is especially true for Cadre, whose track record is mostly during the bull period of real estate. They’re just in the right place, at the right time. They also benefit immensely from lower interest rates for around six years, starting in late 2016… Back when they’re also getting offshore funds and has connections with the government admin. It’s the Cadre difference, indeed.

But why does Cadre have these unfair— the more apt term is unethical, actually— advantages over other real estate investing company? Well, it’s thanks to being previously part-owned by Jared Kushner. Out of the loop on who’s this guy? I gotchu.

Jared is the son-in-law of former president Donald Trump, and he gets to be his senior advisor during his term. The year he started his cozy job is 2017, the sudden rise of Cadre starts in the same year as well. Coincidence? I think not!

With the senior advisor role, this nepo-baby just got top-secret clearance to US most sensitive information. Conveniently, he also works as an international envoy for the country. The result? Cadre got over ninety million of funds from unknown foreign investors.

This is just the norm for Jared, BTW. He doesn’t give a damn about conflicts of interest, his eyes are set on getting the bag. And I guess, mission accomplished for him after receiving a whopping $2 billion from Saudi Arabia that’s said to be manipulating his naive ass.

But yeah, Jared will follow orders like a loyal lapdog to anyone who’ll bail him out from his own poor financial decisions. Like, for instance, him buying a $1.5bil property in 2007. It was a record-deal at that time.

Now, I want you to go figure what happened next year. The worst that could happen, what else? It’s the infamous 2008 financial crisis, aka the housing market crash. Connect the dots, and you’ll understand how the deal became a huge financial disaster for him.

Since Jared removed himself from Cadre’s board, the company doesn’t have the aforementioned unethical leverage anymore. With how the bubble is looking, the development also seems to trend worse. Not the best time to invest here, IMHO.

Cadre Review

I do see some talks about Jared still has stakes for Cadre to do well. But still, no leverage for the company since nepo-baby got kicked out of the White House already. New admin, new faces.

Even if he has power, I’m still outta here. I ain’t giving a dime to someone bending over backwards maliciously. Especially when he still has the nerve to subject his tenants to miserable living conditions. He received federal tax breaks and all the kind of bailouts from the government, and yet he still can’t do the bare minimum. It’s unacceptable, really.

Y’all might not give a damn about Jared and his connections with Cadre. I get it. But you should mind the consensus about how it’s so difficult to connect with this company. If you’re not Goldman Sachs’ level, they likely won’t return your calls, your voicemails, and even your emails. Perhaps, they only do what’s best for their big investors, and that doesn’t include you.

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