7 Figure Network Marketer Review (Caffrey)

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Caffrey knows that when you’re engaged in network marketing, one of the harder parts of it is building your own downline. Thus, she says that she can help you build a 6-figure downline in just 90 days. And you don’t need to sell to family and/or friends or post on social media 24/7 to accomplish this. Nor you’ll need to reach out to random strangers anywhere or run expensive paid ads for this. And once you apply this system, you’ll start receiving calls as early as today. It sounds too good to be true, but let’s find out in my 7 Figure Network Marketer review if she’s speaking the truth.

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Caffrey’s program can be broken down into five steps. The first step, Caffrey says, is to get some clarification. You need to know exactly who you want on your team. So you need to come up with a message that has that so-called “It Factor” that resonates with them. And then you need an irresistible offer. Surprisingly, most network marketers fail to do this. They take a shotgun approach (basically a widespread, non-targeted approach, like a shotgun), make the same lame offer to anyone who will listen, and get nowhere. When you enroll in Caffrey’s 6-digit Downline Accelerator program, it works with you 1-on-1 until you become a direct selling sniper.

The second step is the connection. You need an efficient and effective way to communicate with your team members and customers, without having to be on the phone all day or make sales calls yourself. Start with a certain magnet that you and your dream team must acquire. Something that they will include on your opt-in list to get. And finally, you let the automated sharing funnel take over. It’s like a little robot that interacts, markets, and sells on your behalf every day, every day, whatever you do. This might be confusing for the non-technically-inclined, but don’t worry. Caffrey also has a funnel template that you can freely copy.

The third step is to use a so-called “stress-free” recruit conversion script. Because if your marketing is already great, then you don’t have to go to extreme lengths in order for them to buy your offers or join you as your downline (a common occurrence in network marketing). When these people call, they are already qualified and pre-sold. There may be some final questions to answer, and you may need to get that comfortable that come from talking to a real person on the phone. Because, yes, at this point, recruiting will be primarily email- or videochat-based.

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The fourth step is to now lead plenty of people through the marketing machine you’ve constructed. Organic traffic might be a bit difficult for some people at this point, so the system highly recommends the use of paid ads. After all, if your marketing system works, and you get a good amount of lead conversions, then it essentially pays for itself at some point, right? But your aim here as well is to build your downline, and in network marketing, as their upline, you also have to make sure your downline makes the same amount of sales as you do. After all, if they earn you earn as well. The solution? Hand off your processes and assets, train them up, and let them piggyback off the momentum you’ve already created. After all, it’s working for you, right?

The final step involved in this system s something Caffrey calls Local Celebrity Content Crusher. She explains it this way, “What we have you do is create content that your audience is currently searching for. And in that content, you will provide great context, great value, that provides a solution to the problem that they’re currently looking to solve. We’ll give you an amazing video and content script. That way, you don’t have to figure out what to say on or off camera. And then we walk you through how each part of your content needs to be created.”

And to close her offer, Caffrey says this, “These are the exact steps you need to implement in your business to go from inconsistently recruiting new team members to gaining up to 10 new team members every 30 days. Now that you’re crystal clear on what you need to do, the next step is to figure out how to do it. That’s why I’m offering a few breakthrough strategy sessions, where we map out your Downline Accelerator path. For those who are serious, book a call with us now.” As with most online training programs, Caffrey doesn’t say upfront how much hers cost. The only way to find out is by booking a call. But I strongly recommend that you don’t bother. It’s going to be expensive, anyway. And as you may know, any MLM business is simply ugly.

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