The Flaming Camel Coaching Program Review

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Shiv Shetti may be getting close to getting his economics college degree, but he’s not simply the type of guy who would work in a corporate environment and be stuck with following the orders of his boss everyday. He wanted to escape all that, and have complete control of his time so he can do the things he want. Thus, he had to rely on being a freelance copywriter to achieve those goals. The only problem with it? He’s only landing one-time gigs with one-time clients. If he wanted to have consistent income at being a copywriter, he would need to learn how to land high-paying clients for long-term projects.

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And thus, he decided to turn his copywriting side hustle into a full-time career. In exchange? He basically stopped pursuing his college degree, and stopped attending his classes, at the expense of his personal tutor, lecturers, and even the head of student services. But during that time, he still can’t find long-term, high-ticket clients so he could have a sizeable, yet consistent source of income.

To make matters worse, he can’t go back to finishing his degree, as he’s already missed a lot by that point. And if he can’t earn enough money to live, he would be forced to go back to live with his parents, which would also mean he’ll be almost crewing his housemates as they would be forced to pay more for the rent since he’s not going to be there.

“I could bet on myself. I could try to land the mother of all copywriting clients and get a new retainer big enough and long-term enough that I could survive on my own,” Shiv thought. And that’s exactly what he did. He developed his own system in order to realize his copywriting goals of landing high-paying, long-lasting clients. And yes. It worked for him. In just a few weeks, he was able to land a client that pays him $5,000. And as if proving that it’s not a one-time deal, he used the very same system a couple more times and ended up getting even more retainers until he’s fully booked. Due to this, he willingly dropped out of college and earned even more than he could have imagined, even if he graduated.

He was soon approached by none other than John McIntyre himself, one of the world’s best and highest-paid email copywriters. He said to Shiv that he has done in mere months what most copywriters (excluding him, I suppose) take years to do. He then asks Shiv if he could also teach his system to other copywriters under John McIntyre’s wing, and Shiv agreed. After he took on some “beta testers” under his wing to teach his system, they also started getting high-ticket, retaining clients in just a few weeks after being taught. Shiv saw that this was a success, and this is the official beginning of his Flaming Camel coaching program.

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Shiv says that with his Flaming Camel system, you don’t need to cold e-mail any preferred client that you have or even have to bother them on LinkedIn just to present yourself to them. Also, you don’t need a website, an impressive portfolio, any connections, an endless stream of content posts, or to waste all day on random in order for this to work. You don’t even have to be the very best copywriter like John Crestani or Jason Capital to be able to take advantage of this system. Because it’s not about how good you are, it’s about how you market yourself as such.

But Shiv is clear on one thing. The Flaming Camel Coaching Program isn’t for everyone. It’s only for existing copywriters who feel like they’re being overworked, yet they’re drastically underpaid. This is for people who are having problems landing long-term clients for consistent income. The idea here is that you’re not going to desperately look for clients for your copywriting career, but instead, those clients will automatically come to you. Having said this, Shiv expects that you at least have a background in copywriting. If you don’t, then this isn’t for you.

But all is not lost. If you book a call with Shiv to apply for this program, and you don’t meet his requirements, he will still refer you to other programs to at least develop your copywriting skill. But if you do, you’ll find that the program itself is actually decent. It will walk you through the entire step of landing clients, from screening for top-notch clients, creating a great pitch, then combining them with cold email and content marketing, but do it in a fun, interesting, and, as they say, unique way. And then you’ll hop on the phone, present your entire pitch to the prospect, and close the deal. The Flaming Camel Coaching program’s cost isn’t revealed upfront, needing to book a call first to find out. But as Shiv says himself, it’s “more than your typical $1,997 course but less than you’re probably thinking.”

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