The One-Day Flip Review (Cameron Dunlap)

Cameron Dunlap

Cameron Dunlap has been teaching real estate for almost three decades now and he’s not going to stop anytime soon. His latest offer, The One-Day Flip program, is the testament to the latter. The said program revolved around his so-called “ownership loophole” that could stuff your mailbox with $22k checks or more every month. Sounds like we should count ourselves in, right? Not so fast, let’s do a thorough rundown of it first. The review starts below.

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As they say, don’t believe everything you read on the internet. Y’all better remember that especially dealing with ‘em gurus like Cameron. To me, it’s always better to assume that they’re capping until proven otherwise. No way I’m wasting hundreds, thousands of dollars for “you live and you learn” moments. I can learn the truth without burning myself out financially and you can do the same by research and reading unbiased reviews like mine.

So, without further ado, let’s check out The One-Day Flip program, shall we? As implied by its name, The One-Day Flip main premise is you, with the guidance of the program, being able to flip real estate properties within a day (or within a week, but within a day is apparently possible too). Ridiculous, but there’s more to it. Besides doing it in a lightning quick manner, you’ll also be doing it in any place you want, without any risk, without using your own money or taking loans, and without rehabbing the houses you’ll flip.

All that for at least $22k a month? No f*cking way it’s the typical results. Let’s be honest, you can’t call someone average when he or she can swoop in getting a desirable pre-foreclosure property and out by flipping it for handsome profit THAT quickly. Not when it’s something you can apparently rinse and repeat too. I’m a skeptic and upon further research, I found out that my skepticism is very much warranted. I say that after seeing the feedback from actual students of his.

But before we get into that, let me list down what you’ll get when you sign up for The One-Day Flip. It’s mentioned on the program’s marketing video, but better read it here to tune out any BS. So, here it goes. As usual, the meat of the training is in the form of video lectures. There’s the kickstart module, the seller lineup module, the buyer lineup module, and the flipping the deal module

Kickstart module’s the intro while the seller lineup module details how you’ll get pre-foreclosure deals off the market. Meanwhile, the buyer lineup talks about ways to reach out buyers and how to appeal to them in order to complete a deal as fast as one day. Finally, flipping the deal, aside from notes on sending the buyer’s and seller’s agreement, is like the buyer lineup, but with title companies.

The One-Day Flip Review

Besides the video lectures, you’ll also get the tools and resources you need to complete a deal here. The contracts, the marketing copy, the checklists, the calculator and the scripts. This begs the question: How much does The One-Day Flip program cost, then? Well, the price of The One-Day Flip is around $97. Not so pricey, but wait ‘til you get offered with the pricier upsells once you get in.

Talks about what’s with the program aside, let’s proceed with the feedback that confirmed my doubts. No, it’s not the suspiciously glowing ones found on Cameron’s official and affiliate sites. It’s the much more realistic complaints listed on pages outside the dude’s control. It’s either his webinars just being reprints of free info on the web; his tools being outdated and littered with data that is more of a miss than hit; his notoriety for not sending out resources that you already paid for including the course itself; him refusing to honor the agreed upon refund policy; the complaints on him and his misleading marketing; and more.

And oh, you’ll know that there’s more upsells to come with the way he structures his programs. Splitting ‘em up when he can combine it all into one. That’s why a comment saying that his buncha courses are “WAY too much money for what they are offering” resonates well with me. Like, truer words have never been spoken. That being said, I’m not recommending The One-Day Flip or any of Cameron’s courses.

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