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Trade Canyon Review (Sean Donahoe)

Sean Donahoe

Trade Canyon says their mission is quite simple: Make you a better trader starting now. For the 90% that’s doomed to fail at trading, you’re promised to be part of the 10% that consistently wins. No need to obsess over charts because they’ll train you to train smarter, not harder. Now, all are mere words of them and their founder Sean Donahoe. Will they be able to actually deliver? Find out in my review below.

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I don’t know about you, but I already get bad jujus from the dude behind the program. I mean, look at his surname, Don-a-hoe sounds like he’s up to no good at all. Am I kidding? Can’t say I am after seeing some sh*t hurled at him on the internet. No, he’s no mister-wanna-steal-your-man. More like mister-wanna-steal-your-money. More on that later. For now, let’s focus on discussing what’s with his Trade Canyon.

Essentially, Trade Canyon is all about training on stock market, options trading, and cryptocurrency. His crypto thang is where you usually start your journey here. Safe to say that it’s indicative of what to expect with the whole program. Thus, it’ll be the one we’ll focus on today. Not that I have a choice, can’t really talk about the other courses ‘coz he’s practically hushed up about it.

Now, Trade Canyon calls their crypto training course as Rebel Crypto Trader. Intro goes like “profit from crypto like a pro and find the explosive moves before they happen.” That is, even if you’ve never traded before, they add. If you ask me, the only thing that’ll explode for big Sean is his ass from eating too much Taco Bell, I fear. I mean, I can’t trust a guy who excuses his lack of trading reps as him keeping his trader profile lowkey. Secret identity muh ass.

Besides, we all know how unpredictable crypto is… More unpredictable than winning lotto numbers. If you don’t know that, well… Now you know! So, if he’s that good at predicting the unpredictable like he implies, he must be Nostradamus. He’s not, obviously. He won’t be selling sh*tton of courses like this one if he’s some godlike trader either. And oh, man’s talking about avoiding big dips when everything’s a dip in this bearish crypto market. Like huh?

In short, this course of Trade Canyon is the usual for a guru-fied crypto training. Y’know, pitch is full of buzzwords and hype to lure those who are NOT in the know. Also, Sean’s stroking your ego like how a real hoe does it on ya dick… Trying his damn hardest to make y’all feel superior on insta buying his thang. He did it by saying that he’ll not only mentor you, but also invest in you by offering a huge discount. Guess what, the “discounted” price is the actual retail price of his course.

Anyway, here’s what you’ll get on Trade Canyon’s crypto course: Rebel Crypto Trader Mentorship (core training materials), one year Rebel Crypto Trade Assistant, Rebel Crypto Rader (not an actual thing yet, just an inclusion that’s coming soon), and an expert VIP concierge team (fancy way to say customer service).

Sean Donahoe

In any case you’re one of the first ten customers who paid in full ($1,497 for this Trade Canyon’s course), you’ll also get some bonus info nuggets like Trend Strength Filter System and Dougle AI , discount on Rebelbot (some automated trading BS), Friday “Open Session” Access (sort of a group coaching), and Pro Trader Community Access.

Too pricey for a crypto training course and for something that’s offered by Sean… A man notorious for selling all kinds of sh*tty courses sharing the same sh*tty customer service (type to leave you hanging for months) and refund policy (good luck getting any). I mean, the way he’s shooting his shot on almost everything “in” (crypto trading, SMMA, lead gen, you name it) is already eyebrow raising. 

It’s already down bad and it’ll only get worse with reviews of his “everything” being sh*tty and useless. As one of his previous clients once said, all of his offers “have never worked as promoted” and he had “hells own job getting refunds.” That’s how sh*tty it is, and the main reason why I don’t think they’ll be able to deliver on their promises. Insta buy? More like insta avoid.

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