Jason Capital Review

Jason Capital

Jason Capital shares how he loves marketing and freedom in his blog. He claims that his programs have helped brands and influencers increase profits and sales. To add, he was also able to own and monetize digital assets like Instagram pages. Read this Jason Capital Review to learn more about him and his courses.

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Jason Capital is a popular internet marketer and business coach that claims to have mastered the art of living life on your terms when the world seems to shut you down every step of the way. He asserts that his courses on copywriting and social media management enable his students to earn more than five figures of income while having a laptop lifestyle.

Jason Capital was born and raised in West Bloomfield, Michigan. His original name is Alex Maroko but decided to change it because of his dating coaching stint and his fascination on Jason Bourne. Like most of the people, he expects that the traditional path of getting a college degree would lead him to his ideal life. However, reality sets in and made Jason realize that it is not possible for him. He is not even on the “getting a college degree” part since he is rejected by every college he tried to enrolled in. He was also denied of his passion as early as high school since he was not picked to play for his school’s basketball varsity team.

Instead of backing down, Jason insists to prove those who rejected him wrong. He worked his way to become a successful entrepreneur by selling courses including a basketball handling skills course.  He also worked briefly as a dating coach that made him a millionaire at 24 years old. He had problems on complacency in the midst of it that made him lost everything he had earn but eventually, he was able to become the best version of himself after going back to his mother’s house and emerged as a millionaire (again) from working via his laptop. At 30 years old, he already has a net worth of over $2 million.

He claims to have worked with prominent figures such as Robert Kiyosaki, Jay Shetty, Les Brown, Anik Singal, and Elliott Hulse. His works has also been featured in Forbes, TIME, CNBC, Entrepreneur, and the Money magazine. Specifically, his programs are the following: Email Income Experts, Instagram Agent System, Capital Copywriting Certification, Sales God, and Jason’s Capital Converter. All the courses are priced at $1,990 with the exception of Email Income Experts which retails for a more expensive price of $2,495. There is also a four-course bundle that retails for $3,490.

The mentioned cost is overpriced in my opinion. Why pay for almost a grand when the course does not offer a proper business model at all? There is value on social media management, copywriting, and sales but it does not necessarily fulfill the laptop lifestyle that Jason promises. After all, you still need to approach it the traditional way and either work as a freelancer or work on an office setup to make use of the said skill.

Jason Capital Review

There are also concerns on the reviews of him and his course which are usually overwhelmingly negative. The claims of his course like “earn $4,000 in the first month writing messages on Instagram” and “How to make 300 dollars a day with just a pen and paper” are downright unreasonable for the content he is discussing in his programs. There are also complaints that the content of his course does not warrant the premium price since you can learn it from free or cheaper resources on the internet. Ultimately, the perception is he is just selling a nicely packaged dream for a costly price.

Like Ippei Kanehara, Jason also had connections to Dan Lok and is actively promoting him. Dan Lok, however, is highly regarded by many as a scam artist. Jason might not be directly involved in the programs of Dan lock deemed as scam but associating yourself with a shady individual is bad for his reputation.

To conclude, there is no sufficient evidence to say that Jason Capital is a scam artist. However, I do not recommend him and any of his course because he is only teaching business skills and not an actual business model. To be fair, there is value in the skills he had shared, and he was regarded as a good copywriter. However, his course is too expensive for a skills training course and too unreasonable to claim bold promises without any business model.

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