Is Grant Cardone A Scammer Or A Big Fraud?

Grant Cardone

Grant Cardone is a guy you’ve probably heard at least once in your life. Assuming you’re not living under a rock, of course. And I bet that the chunk of people that knows him got some interest in real estate,motivational speeches, or both. He’s a well-known real estate mogul and international speaker afterall. With his guesting-turned-trainwreck on Jordan Belfort’s podcast, however, lotta people wondered if he’s just a scammer and a big fraud. Is he? Find out below.

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No joke, Grant really took a massive L after the said podcast. Jordan, an infamous personality himself and is known for being THE wolf of wall street, has masterfully trapped Uncle G into a losing situation. Like an actual wolf, he knows how to pounce on his prey, in his very own den no less (a reference to the podcast named as The Wolf’s Den BTW), and take advantage of Grant’s major weakness. That is, Grant being a one trick pony.

Yeah, sure, Grant is one of the best in terms of fast talk and relentless hard-selling that’s also lifestyle and social media driven. The problem is you take away that one dimension from him and he has no other mode to switch into. From Cardone to f*cking DONE real quick. Obviously, the flashy stuff of Grant won’t work with the wolf. With the interview podcast structured around details and intricacies, Grant is easily exposed as a clueless mofo without the “bully” selling and marketing.

10X your income, 10X your business, and 10X your life, eh? More like 10X your bankruptcy. And I know it’s not only me with the same sentiment, I’m sure I got company. Lots of them, even. Again, credits to that epic disaster of a podcast. Only to Grant as it was definitely a boon for Jordan. And if Jordan’s the wolf, then the general viewers of the “exposé” are sharks. Y’know, those ready to tear someone’s apart the moment they smell blood. They did as they’re probably tired of Grant’s narcissistic ass too.

All that sh*t happened around two years ago, but the damage to Grant’s rep is still very felt today. Like, hey, just look at me structuring my review about him around it. And I personally think that this is the best way to frame him as something who only sells a dream. Heck, his sales chops might only be good enough for selling sh*t to suckers. The latter group will gladly eat all the BS as they’re easily swayed by Grant’s seemingly alpha personality, his energetic all-over-the-place mannerisms, and all his luxury stuff.

Don’t be one of those suckers or, at least, stay on his free content only. Maybe run some adblock while watching his YouTube video too, so you don’t give him adsense money. Like seriously, let’s normalize being done with ‘em so-called marketing gurus like Grant. Especially with reports of him being bad on actual business ops. About that…

Let’s take one of his real estate biz, Cardone Capital, for example. The training included here was called out for being full of crap and nonsense. If it’s not crap, then it’s something you can easily find from a simple Google search. His customer service is also not any better with reviews claiming that they’re a sort of a bully too like Grant. Like boss, like employees type of beat.

Is Grant Cardone A Scammer Or A Big Fraud?

Most importantly, the way Grant does the actual business, real estate investments with someone else’s money no less, is just shady. Holding your Cardone Capital’s investment money of at least $10k hostage for ten long years is not enough, that’s essentially the only thing you know about how he operates the biz. Not a smidge of transparency, I should say.

And just like his sales chops, he’s also a one trick pony on real estate and only knows of multi-family housing investments. The lack of investment diversification is dangerous, but he goes with it regardless because he’s just too full of himself. And at the end of the day, it’s also not his own money that he’s playing around in Cardone Capital. If it isn’t his to lose, I’ll bet this douche won’t give any f*cks.

Obviously, I won’t recommend Grant Cardone and any of his courses and programs. Sure, I can’t really call him a scammer nor a big fraud based on technicalities. Like, none of ‘em authorities was able to pin down Grant as one. Hell, he even crushes a very recent lawsuit against him claiming that he’s misleading his investors in Cardone Capital. But, yeah, I see it as him getting away with financial crime rather than him being blameless at all.

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