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Cashflow Tactics Review

Bradley Gibb, Ryan Lee, and Jimmy Vreeland 2

Bradley Gibb, Ryan Lee, and Jimmy Vreeland are the three founders of Cashflow Tactics. Their motto is simple: “Rise Up and Live Free”. This motto basically forms the entire premise behind Cashflow Tactics, a series of courses and coaching programs that are designed to help you achieve financial freedom in under ten years (or even less), regardless of age, income, or experience. And the methods they teach are based on what I like to call the 4Ps of moneymaking. They are as follows: Production, Protection, Profit, and Prosper. Though the founders refer to it as their “Four Tenants”, four things that they stand for as it relates to money.

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The first tenant that Cashflow Tactics is based on, is Production. That is, your ability to earn money. The premise is that, no matter how much you invest your money into anything, you still won’t get satisfactory results if you don’t know how to utilize that investment well. As Ryan Lee says, “People come all the time to Cash Flow Tactics and they’re like, ‘Okay, show me where to invest, show me where to put my money. And yes, there’s power in that, but if you don’t invest in production first and foremost, you’ll always be stuck despite any results you get in your investing. Because the reality is, as a producer, you see the world as an opportunity to learn, to grow, to develop, to expand your possibility by investing in your mindset, your skillsets, and/or your network.”

“If you think about it, you’re only one mindset, skillset, or connection away from a radically different life. So to create a new version of you, you gotta invest in those things. Production is how you interact with the world. If you don’t have enough money in your bank account, you’re probably not functioning at the highest level as a producer. Maybe you’re more of a consumer, trapped in the rat race. Constantly trying to get more money to spend more money to go out and get the next thing. A perpetual state of not enough,” Ryan Lee continues to explain.

He further explains that, as a producer, earning money requires full utilization of all the resources that are available to you. Most notably, your talents and skills. Whatever your skill may be, there’s always a way for you to monetize it. By investing in ways to refine those talents even further, you’ll also have the potential to do even better work, and thus earn more. Building yourself as a person and your talents is also beneficial because eventually, you’ll have more respect for the money you earn because you know what went through into earning it. So it’s also important that you figure out how to use it to build and live a life that matters.

Bradley Gibb, Ryan Lee, and Jimmy Vreeland 1

The second tenant that is the foundation of Cashflow Tactics is protection. You may be earning a lot of money, but if you’re not careful with it, you can also easily lose it quite swiftly. One of the examples of things that can potentially lose you money is, of course, taxes. Understanding how to use the tax code in your favor to be able to keep more of your money. But that’s not the only thing that can make you lose money unnecessarily. There’s litigation, inflation, shady business partners, scammers, market volatility, all kinds of people and entities, and events that are constantly putting your wealth at risk. Thus, it’s very important that you learn to leverage and identify possible things that can only make you lose money when you ever come across them, so you can protect your finances from them.

The third tenant is profit. This is where investments play their part. As they say, you need to use your money, to create more money. A good investment venture will give you a good stream of income that is not only passive, but can sustain you for almost a lifetime, even when you’re already retired, not able to work, etc. After all, this is what we’re always striving for, right? Financial freedom. The freedom to do anything you want while still being able to earn enough money for your needs (and wants).

The final tenant that’s the core of the Cashflow Tactics program, is Prosper. This is basically knowing for yourself what you really want to do if money isn’t an issue for you. Where would you live? Who would you hang out with? What would you do during the day? Where would you eat? What productive hobbies will you take? The goal at this point is to align the money you have with your values.

And these four tenants, or 4Ps, make up the core of the Cashflow Tactics training program. The creators also give you several opportunities to find out more about this. If you join their Rise Up live event or their Acceleration Mastermind, you can learn more about it. The cost for joining their live events isn’t clearly stated anywhere, but the Acceleration Mastermind can cost you around $5,000.

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