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Castor Abbott Review (Mark Ford)

Mark Ford

Mark Ford created Castor Abbott to help financial advisors get the results they desire. I’m talking about getting prospects where traditional means usually fail. Fed up with the usual posting of contents about your service and cold-messaging, but no one connects back at all? That’s a way of doing it wrong, says Mark, and he has something in store that’s so much better, the prospects will be asking you for meetings. Read my review below for more info.

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In their site, Castor Abbott is described as a transformational training, coaching, and consulting for the financial industry. They are for financial advisors and firms want either of the following: Generate more qualified leads themselves, improve sales conversion, and/or build a system to only attract very warm clients.

Not all things are created equal, and so are financial advisers. Thus, Castor Abbott has set a client profile that interested financial advisers need to match. Specifically, the financial adviser should be registered (RIAs), fee-only advisors, and/or independent advisors. They should also be already good at what they do,  doing their thang the right way, and willing to have skin in the game and invest to grow. 

I can’t help myself but comment right away regarding the client profile. They sure set up some very vague criteria similar to job postings looking for someone with a pleasing personality. Financial advisors should already be good at what? What’s the right way of doing ‘em things? Regardless, I can still feel from the last statement, something about willingness to invest, that the program would be hella expensive (spoiler alert, it actually IS expensive).

Anyhow, the strategy of Castor Abbott is based upon the so-called Trust Stacking. This is something that you can implement in your biz to turn prospects from being cold dismissive mothaf*ckas with “who tf even are you” energy to some kind of simps that’ll trust you with their life savings. Literally.

According to them, Trust Stacking moves people to make a big decision within days or weeks. That’s a bold claim when the said decision is described by them as something that takes months or even years to think through. That’s some pocket watch swinging hypnosis type of beat.

The trust stacking process can be generalized with five steps. Step one is to define your ideal client. Next step is to pick a specialization that takes the ideal client you have defined in step one into consideration. Step three is to get your message to match your market. Then, step four is about setting up an efficient virtual sales process that consistently converts leads to paying clients. Finally, step five is using an automated media architecture that gets meetings on your calendar aka leads. And yes, the lead-getting system is done at the last step by design.

Castor Abbott Review

For more exhaustive details regarding Trust Stacking, you’re required to sign up for training offered by Castor Abbott. For the usual course with video lectures, opt for their Scaling Up Program. If you want a smaller group learning and access to an elite mastermind group, choose the Rainmakers program.

If Rainmakers’ study group is not small enough for ya, choose Castor Abbott’s Platinum coaching for 8 weeks of one-on-one consulting and coaching with Mark and his team. All of the training mentioned above are online, but there’s also a three-day live event, named aptly as Castor Abbott Live, if you’re into face-to-face learning instead. The price of Castor Abbott? Well, Castor Abbott programs can cost up to $8,000. 

For that price alone, I am not inclined to recommend Castor Abbott. Like geez, that’s too expensive for what’s basically marketing how-tos for financial advisors. And I thought Arturo Johnson Consulting offering a similar training is already the most overpriced sh*t at six grand. Nah, this takes the cake. Besides the price, I really can’t vouch for something without social proof outside their own site. The faulty “error 404” links plus some easy to spot misspelling is also concerning to me as well. I’m outta that.

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