Dylan Caudullo Review (Elite Closing)

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Dylan Caudullo, the creator of Just1Skill dot com, claims that he knows a moneymaking method that can let you ethically fire your boss, make over $1,000 per day, and live on vacation with your family. And you don’t have to use complicated business models or investments. He understands that you’re so used to hearing about cryptocurrency, real estate, agencies, ecommerce, stocks, affiliate marketing, MLM, etc. And while they could work, he’s going to share with you one simple skill, right now, that’ll allow you to revolutionize the way you make money forever. But what is it? Let’s find out in this review.

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Dylan then shows off his legitimacy in his video advertisement, by telling about the success stories of his former students. “I’m an online coach who’s helped over 125 students attain freedom in their lives forever, helping them learn just this one skill in this last year. Just to name a few, Andrew made over $9,000 in a week. Adam made over $15,000 in one month. Casey made over $10,000 in a week. And you won’t believe this, but Sean made over $55,000 in a single day. I could keep going on for hours about all the success stories, but let me get straight to the point.”

He then continues by showing off his other achievements, as well as introducing us to his offer. “I’m featured in Forbes and The Washington Post as the best expert in my industry. But what is this one skill, right? It’s called Elite Closing. Elite, meaning superior in ability; and Closing, meaning to make a sale. So here’s how it works. You find an online entrepreneur that’s created a successful product that he’s been selling for $5,000 to over $100,000. It could be a course, mentorship, done-for-you service, something that changes people’s lives or businesses so you can be convicted about what you’re doing.”

“People that wanna invest in those products for $5k to over $100,000? They’re gonna wanna talk to someone about the investment before they take action. Wouldn’t you? That’s where you come in. You take these calls that have been laid out for you on your calendar, and you take 20% commission for closing the deals. All from a laptop or a phone. That’s what an Elite Closer does. I personally went from working at restaurants, to sales jobs where I worked 14–16 hour days, with nothing to show for it?”

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“To learning Elite Closing, and making over $20,000 in a single month after I learned it. I went on to increase my income every single month after, I created a team in the company I was with, taught them my Elite Closing system, and scaled the business from doing $100 grand in sales per month? To doing over $2.3 million dollars in sales in a single month. And I did all that in just eight months.” Dylan then reveals the three secrets of Elite Closing that he claims will change your life in the next four weeks or less.

The first secret is to learn and build the skills necessary. Study, learn, and practice phone closing using Dylan’s proven process, which consists of three main components. And those are connect, consult, and close. His recommendation is that you should do this no less than five days per week, especially in the beginning. The second secret is called opportunity unity. Aligning yourself with a program that makes sense to sell for. You can do this by reaching out to online gurus yourself or, better yet, just connect with people who already know lots of internet marketers with great offers who need sales peeps.

The third secret is called payment attainment. Find out first how much you need to make each month to do everything you want to do, then work backwards to see how many calls you’ll need to make each day to reach that goal. If you need help with all of this, you can give Dylan a call. He’s got a four-week mentorship program where he’ll teach you all the secrets mentioned, hold you accountable, and even refer you to any sales gigs he comes across. It’s by application only. The cost of it isn’t mentioned upfront. For me, being a closer sounds like you’re still doing a 9-5 job for others, so you won’t be able to earn passive income with this. So it may not be the best business out there.

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