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Growth Cave Review (Lucas Lee-Tyson)

Lucas Lee-Tyson

Lucas Lee-Tyson, founder of Growth Cave, is proud to say that he is a prodigy in digital advertising world. I mean, he’s 20 years young but already out here preaching stuff that made dozens of five to six-figure businesses possible. Maybe I’m just bitter because I ain’t dabbling on lead generation and all that fancy money making stuff during my teenage years, but I had my doubts on his legitimacy by just hearing his age alone. Spoiler alert, my B.S. radar is on-point aka my doubts are well-founded.  Read this review why.

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No, he is not the lovechild of Bruce Lee and Mike Tyson. No connection to kicking and punching things hard whatsoever but no offense, he has a very punch-able face. Lucas Lee-Tyson is just your ambitious teenage nerd turned six-figure entrepreneur and internet marketer. Unlike your typical guru, he didn’t despise 9-5 jobs. He didn’t like it either, so he founded Growth Cave, a digital marketing program that focuses on Facebook ads.

In his site, you’ll be welcomed with a freebie. Just slap your name and email on the textbox and you’ll be emailed an eBook. It is supposedly a free training, but it isn’t; Just a collection of textbook definition of his strategies like retargeting. At the end, you have to email Lucas for the free live video that show his strategies at work. Specifically, he’ll show the “exact framework” that he used to bagged $2k a day in revenue.

So what can you get from the free live video, you might ask? Nada. Basically, it is just a sales pitch for his paid program called Productized Profits. I’ll discuss the said course more thoroughly in this review. But for now, let’s just say that it is far from worth it. It’s just another overpriced course.

Sifting from the sea of fake reviews, you’ll see very disappointed buyers of his so-called marketing course. Some angry and seething with rage even, ready to throw hands or what-not. I don’t blame them though, it’s like a terrible and very expensive post nut clarity-esque experience. Paying a grand and a half for two hours’ worth of basically nothing. Well, it is something about Facebook ads. But not $1,497 worth of knowledge in Facebook ads, maybe just a hundred bucks or two. After all, you still have to pay him for compiling what could’ve appear on a simple Google search. Had to pay someone who’s rambling non-sense too, apparently.

But hey, there’s a refund, right? Technically there is, but Lucas has a reputation of dodging those (he’s more likely related to Mayweather than Tyson despite the name, to be honest). Hundreds of excuses and days of getting ignored later, your refund is no more. In short, Lucas will be like “time’s up, no more backsies of monies.” Understand the angry reacts now? Something along the lines of “fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me,” but people are angsty and ready to blow sh*t up. Queue Kesha’s song “this place is about to blow oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh.”

Growth Cave Review

But seriously, his refund policy is useless. Not as useless as Justin Cener’s  The eCommerce Bootcamp Mentor policy which is worst and downright laughable. Like why even provide a refund policy if it is only for a day. Anyhow, thirty days is still not ideal of a refund policy period. It’s also like the opposite of “no questions asked” since you’ll be asked a LOT before he considers your request. Specifically, you must join at least two weekly Q and A calls, watched at least 60% of the lessons, submit a market research document after the purchase date, and show a proof of using all the four outreach strategies discussed in the program. Yes, all of that within thirty days plus special coaching aka Lucas’ lame attempt to stall your refund process so you change your mind. Worst, it’s usually cricket’s noises when you reach out to them.

I’ll stretch this one out for our boy Lucas and give him the benefit of the doubt. Maybe, he’s just busy living the six-figure a month life so he can’t accommodate you right away. Stalk his Instagram, you’ll see candid photos of him chilling in various resorts and even watching NBA live at TD garden. However, if he knows that he can’t handle the refund requests because he’s busy, he could’ve extended the refund period. Maybe hire enough manpower to look after the concerns since his program is a “full-fledged digital marketing empire.” But nope, he didn’t. Ultimately, he could’ve just provided a worthy course to make the refund requests more manageable – maybe closer to a single figure because we ain’t talking about product returns on Shopify.

Unless you like throwing money for undeserving courses, I see no reason to buy Lucas’ course. Bottom line is the program’s flagship course isn’t worth $1,497. I also personally don’t recommend touching Facebook ads with a ten-foot pole. It is already costly, but the pandemic made it worst.

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