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Peterson Acquisitions Review (Chad Peterson)

Chad Peterson

Chad Peterson would like to help you in moving on, but not in the way you might think. Sorry hun, but Mister Beardylicious here is not talking about dating your thirsty ass. Instead, he’s talking about helping you move on and up as the number one broker in the country. Confused still? Well, let’s just say that this thang he got going in Peterson Acquisitions involves selling a business. Just keep on reading my review for more info.

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First things first, let’s get to know more about Chad. As a youngin’, Chad is already looking up to who he’s gonna be today—a business owner. To him, these are the ones who seemed to have the nicer things in life, and he wants that for him. I mean, aren’t we all?

This is why Chad was driven for business [not for education, he emphasized] at his young age. He doesn’t mention anything ‘bout getting As, prolly because he got none of those, but hey, school bad, amirite? Just kidding, although here’s hoping we can appreciate honing “practical” skills without dragging those who took college degrees. Because, to me, dude sounds like he’s doing the latter.

Anyway, instead of confining himself within the boundaries of the school walls [his words, sort of], he started knocking on ‘em doors early. Mowing grass, cleaning out gutters, that typa stuff in exchange for money. T’is the reason why he had skin in the game, and was never afraid of being told no.

That’s Chad, alright. A guy who’s able to learn all the bits and bobs of selling and prospecting at an early age. Now, what about Peterson Acquisitions? Well, Peterson Acquisitions is, well, an acquisitions company, but not your typical M and A firm as they say, that Chad started out to show business owners what it truly takes to sell a business.

Yeah, he’s not impressed by the business brokers he hired in the past. Which is why, he’s like, “Fine, I’ll do it myself” and become a business broker himself. And he’s apparently good at it, making Peterson Acquisitions number one broker in the country… Or so he says since AFAIK, the ranking ain’t coming from no one but him and a paid article on some pay-to-improve-SEO blogging site. Oof.

So, self-proclaimed labels aside, Peterson Acquisitions is a business-broker-for-hire company first, a mentorship company second. As the former, Chad assures that they’ll never leave their clients hanging. I mean, unlike the typical business brokers, they’re truly dedicated go-getters that get businesses sold.

As the latter, he’ll either teach you how to be a business broker yourself or how to reach high earnings as a self-employed individual. Something about Quantum Stack Investing approach. You could start learning about it with the resources at Chad Peterson dot com. Price starts at zero dollars up to around fifty bucks.

Or if you feel pretty bold, you could straight up schedule a discovery call with them. This is where they’ll reveal that working with Chad and Peter Acquisitions as business partners will cost you around $35,000 to $54,000. That pricey, yes.

Peterson Acquisitions Review

Now, would I recommend them? Not really, and it’s not only about the steep price of the mentorship and the business model itself [regarding business acquisitions]. First of all, I found it sus that a dude claiming to be this good at something doesn’t have much social proof. Like, sorry to burst your ego bubble Chad, but maybe you’re not the hotshot you think you are.

I mean, if you and your company are that good, why link sites, those y’all supposedly featured in, that are not working at all? Essentially, there’s no discourse about ‘em other than the broken links and few sponsored articles. That doesn’t look good at all.

Besides, a good business person is not necessarily a good teacher. Personally, I think he won’t be as the dude put “Man, Testosterone, Logic” in LinkedIn as if it’s their pronouns. I don’t know about ya, but to me, that sh*t reeks of toxic masculinity. Even if you vibe with such, I think it’d be better if y’all don’t follow someone who looks like he’ll talk more about how manly he is rather than actual business.

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