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Chaikin Analytics Review (Marc Chaikin)

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Marc Chaikin is a name that will surely be very familiar to people who are well-acquainted with the business and finance industry. He’s right up there with other figures like Teeka Tiwari as an authority when it comes to the stock market and investments. He has appeared in various business news outlets and publications like CNBC and Fox Business. He was also part of Tucker Anthony & RL Day, a big-time brokerage firm where he served as head of the options department. More importantly, he’s the founder of Chaikin Analytics LLC, a stock trading idea platform that gives a detailed analysis of the movements of the market.

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Chaikin Analytics works on a grading system in which it grades more than 4,000 equities and 1,700 exchange-traded funds (ETFs) on a scale ranging from Very Bullish to Very Bearish. “Bear Markets” and “Bull Markets” are common terms in the stock market industry, but not many people know about it, so here’s a quick explanation. When a market is going “bearish”, it means that the securities and commodities on the market (stocks and crypto, in this example) are expecting a continuous decline in value in the upcoming future. Likewise, a “bullish” market is the opposite, in which the market is expecting a continuous growth in value in the foreseeable future.

An advantage of this system is that you will also get clear, straightforward explanations for how the final grade was allocated, and the grades will be based on more than 20 technical and basic criteria. The overall workspace of Chaikin Analytics may be rigid, and it could even be overwhelming to newcomers. But the most attractive feature of this platform is the automatic stock ratings. Chaikin Analytics provides stock research tools and portfolio management services that give you an accurate forecast of which stocks will do well and which will perform poorly.

The heart of the Chaikin Analytics platform is what they call the “Chaikin Power Gauge.” When a company is rated based on 20 technical and analytical indicators, the power gauge delivers a score to the stock. As a result of the combination of the 20-factor scores, Chaikin Analytics assigns a rating to each company or exchange-traded fund that it tracks on a scale ranging from Very Bullish to Very Bearish. Using this grading system is simple and straightforward, making it simple to receive a rapid summary of whether a company is valuable, as well as to search for possibly optimistic stocks. But keep in mind that these ratings are normally valid for three to six months, thus this software is best suited for active investors who are looking to make investments over a longer period of time.

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Also, Chaikin Analytics has an exclusive partnership with OptionsPlay, a specialist options strategy tool that costs $500 per year on its own, but now costs free along with Chaikin Analytics. OptionsPlay is loaded directly into the Chaikin Analytics workspace, allowing you to examine viable options strategies for every stock that Chaikin Analytics covers in a matter of moments. It provides a score for each strategy, and you can quickly adjust methods in order to make your options trading more specifically to your needs. Chaikin Analytics and OptionsPlay work together to provide a significant edge for more aggressive traders. You may rapidly search for Very Bullish equities that have bullish technical elements in particular, and then open up OptionsPlay to evaluate options strategies for those companies.

Signing up for the Chaikin Analytics will set you back a price of $2,195 per year. And these include everything that was stated here, from the platform itself, the Chaikin Power Gauge functionality, to the OptionsPlay functionality. Additionally, you’ll get a variety of bonuses, such as Marc Chaikin’s Market Insights Newsletter, Pete Carmasino’s Afternoon Insights Newsletter, various features such as the Discovery Engine, Chaikin Stock Screener, Buy/Sell Signals, Customizable Email Alerts, Earnings Insights, Portfolio Health Check, Power Gauge Reports, plus members-only content and videos.

Personally, Chaikin Analytics is a good tool to use if you’re really serious about making money with the stock market. The technology included here can make someone’s stock trading much easier, as it removes many of the guesswork involved and also enhances your trading strategy based on the analytics presented by the program. However, the number of daunting statistics and graphs being presented in this system may surely bring plenty of confusion for newer stock traders, so it’s much better if you have a comprehensive knowledge of the stock market and its terms and technical mumbo-jumbo first to really be able to use this system. Besides, newer stock traders shouldn’t even rely on trading alerts like these at all, since without proper judgment of the analyses presented here, you may find yourself making bad trades and losing money, without you even realizing it.

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