ChainShot Bootcamp Review

It seems like a lot of focus has been given to the blockchain in recent years. Everybody seems to be shifting towards it whether we like it or not. And because of that, a lot of different companies have been looking for developers who have knowledge in developing different programs with blockchain in mind. A lot of different blockchain-focused companies have started providing education opportunities for people who want to be part of this ever-growing ecosystem.

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ChainShot was founded by Dan Nolan and Cody McCabe in 2018. Dan and Cody both have some experience as developers for different companies. It just makes sense that people with knowledge and experience in computer science would be interesting in the blockchain and cryptography. The company is basically an online training platform that will help budding developers learn the skills and the knowledge need to traverse in the world of crypto. They offer a few basic courses that involve programming and blockchain. But the main thing that they offer is a 10-week bootcamp that goes through all of the core competencies needed for developing in the blockchain with Ethereum in mind.

In case you didn’t know, Ethereum is an open-sourced blockchain that gets used a lot in decentralized finance programs due to its functionality with smart contracts. Smart contracts are basically lines of code written into the Ethereum network to basically handle processing for transactions made through that network.

The price to get into ChainShot’s Ethereum development bootcamp is a one-time payment of $3000. You’re basically paying $300 for each week of the 10-week bootcamp. ChainShot also allows you to pay five installments worth $650. Though, like most installments, you’re more that you would upfront. Each week has a topic that goes through each step of the development process. Like the first few weeks involve the basics of the blockchain and the Ethereum network. The latter weeks get more involved with actual programming.

The entire bootcamp is done through an online classroom that you get access to once you pay the tuition for it. Each day will begin with live class that will go on for about 30–45 minutes. After those classes, there will be a lot of exercises that builds from the topics that you just discussed. It’s pretty similar to a lot of courses that you get in college, especially if you took a computer science course just for fun. It’s great that there is some practical skills being thought every week. I mean, you are going to be typing down a lot of code as weeks go on. It is a development program after all.

Since there are live classes, you are kind of beholden to a schedule. If you’re from anywhere other than the United States, you may have to stay up late in order to get to class. The schedules for it are written on the website. So you should plan accordingly. It’s good that the bootcamp does involve a five-day class schedule. I mean, you could still practice in your own time. But at least the classes don’t take to much of your time.

The pricing for it is definitely steep if you’re somebody who wants to get into the blockchain and Ethereum network. The price definitely feels like you may have paid for an entire semester in college with that kind of price. But it seems that you will be able to find work from the skills and knowledge that you will get out of this bootcamp. I mean, companies are always on the lookout for programmers and the like. It also seems that the bootcamp has some really great instructors.

Still, $3000 is a lot of money to put out. Even the installments worth $650 feels like too much. But with so many blockchain-related companies hiring people to help develop programs for them, I could kind of see a return on investment with that sort of thing. Coding is kind of a practical skill nowadays. But you may be better off trying out some of the basic courses that ChainShot offers for free. They do mention that one of the courses that they offer for free is expanded in the bootcamp. So if you want to get started on your programming journey, maybe start there.

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