Adam Chandler Network Marketing Review

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Adam Chandler’s recent video advertisement starts with him warning all network marketers about three things he says you need to stop doing immediately. He further claims that if you don’t, your business will quickly run out of prospects. Even worse, this will also cause your existing prospects, even your business teammates, to leave you completely, should you not stop doing these three things. He then states that he’s about to show you a new way to enroll 4 to 7 excited new prospects week after week like clockwork. Now, network marketing is a business that I would not recommend to anyone at all, but let’s hear what Adam Chandler has to say.

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He then continues the video by introducing a bit about himself. “Hi, my name is Adam Chandler, and I used to completely suck at generating leads and enrolling new distributors into my business. But that was before I discovered what I call the Upside Down Enrollment Method. Once I discovered this game-changing recruiting strategy, I enrolled ten new reps into my business in just my first week, and then replaced my income from my full-time job just a couple months later.”

According to Adam’s claims, he did this without wasting a lot of time on outdated and obsolete methods whose end result is embarrassing rejection and painfully-slow business growth most of the time. So what are the three things Adam suggests that you stop doing if you want your prospects to take you very seriously as a network marketer? To start off, the home parties. Stop holding them whenever you want to promote your offer. It’s stressful for you, awkward for them, and everyone in your cramped living room feels it.

The second thing that needs to stop is cold prospecting. It’s simply not fun, is very awkward, and even worse, you have to talk to 20, 30, or even people just to luck out on one measly sale. Furthermore, when you stop doing this, your business also stops. After all, recruiting is your main source of commissions in this business. Also, since you’re the one begging for these prospects to join you, it puts you in a very weak position. These prospects will think that you need them. What you want to do is to get a powerful position, so that they’ll be needing you and your offer.

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The third and final thing that you must stop doing as a network marketer, is spamming social media with your offers. Honestly, your social media friends and/or followers won’t even care if you constantly put your company’s products laid on your countertop. In fact, they may even not like you for it. But what they do care about is themselves, and solving their problems. As a popular saying in marketing, you don’t sell the product, but you instead offer the solution. Focus not on the product only, but on how you can solve the problem your intended audience wants to solve. Take note, everything you’re doing to build your business, they see.

“When you drop these outdated methods for a real system like the Upside Down Enrollment Method, you can get some much-needed leverage in your business by employing systems and automation,” Adam explains. Basically, Adam states that it’s a new and proven way to start putting in a handful of business builders a week to your downline. If you want to know more about it, Adam has a guidebook you can freely download. While it’s free, it will then lead you to his actual offer, which is the Digital Upline training program. Inside it, members will get the training, software, and assistance they need to help them scale their MLM business fast without essentially “degrading” themselves.

Adam says that with his Digital Upline training, the prospects that you’ll acquire will be from the ones that absolutely want to buy your offer and join your business. You’ll basically become a prospect magnet, in that instead of you coming to them, it’s them who will come to you. If you want to know more about it, booking a call with Adam’s team is the way. There’s no mention of how much it is, only by booking a call can you find out. Adam is great, to be honest. But as I always say, stay away from network marketing, no matter what. It’s a rather dirty business.

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