Cashflow Channels Review (Ryan Hildreth)

Ryan Hildreth

Cashflow Channels is yet another course on YouTube automation. I haven’t reviewed that many, but only a few courses about this business model is enough to make me get tired of it. From the looks of it, I’m up for another disappointment. Listing a 750k figure in subscriber’s gain using the strategy behind the course is not a good start. Not when the lone disclosed YouTube channel of Ryan Hildreth, Cashflow Channels founder, is only around 368k. What’s the bigger figure supposed to mean? More on this below.

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I’m not beefing here for nothing, just read this exact quote he posted on his site: “The exact strategy I used to gain over 750,000+ subscribers while not filming a single video myself and working less than 4 hours/week.” The way he structures the claim is very vague, although it’s leaning towards talking about a single channel, yet he drops a ridiculous figure that doesn’t make sense given the assumptions. I know YouTube can be a weird platform, but a channel where he’s clearly putting more work than the automated ones should be ahead of the pack and not the other way around.

Turns out, he has seven automated channels and not only one like the quote above is lowkey implying. Less ridiculousness, but still the same ‘ol shadiness. No one’s holding him hostage to not put the number there, but he didn’t. He’s deliberately left it out to get some suckers baited with more impressive yet improbable results. Not to mention the possibility of him adding his public channel figures in the 750k.

Instead of only spilling everything bad about Ryan’s Cashflow Channels, let’s take a look first at the two important caveats of his method while still pointing all the wrong, nonetheless. First, Ryan instructs you to find a professional actor and video editor. Unlike Caleb Maddix who vouched for the use of text-to-speech engines, Ryan doesn’t. He warns that the low-effort videos narrated by the engine’s robotic voices are getting flagged by YouTube. Somehow a positive on Ryan for being updated with the changes in YouTube Algorithm… Well, not until I hear the reason why he’s preferring real people.

According to Ryan, they do all the work for you including coming up with content ideas and scaling your “biz” to four or more channels. All of that while you’re paying them pennies on the dollar… Of course, any YouTube automation course would not be complete without encouraging paying piss poor wages. 

To make matters worse, he’s also proud of it while saying that he’s actually doing these overseas workers a favor…. Huh? The audacity of this bitch, my god. Now I feel bad for one of his employees from the Philippines. The poor guy is an employee on one Vimeo video, then a student of his (Ryan) doing YouTube Automation thang on the next. A do-it-all guy, indeed. 

And yes, I’m not supposed to find Ryan’s Vimeo channel. Thanks to his incompetence of accidentally leaving it out in the open, now I’m watching the mentioned guy do a complete 360 of roles plus more testimonials probably done by freelancers. Some faces I somehow recognize from another YouTube Automation course, f*cking LOL.

Cashflow Channels Review

Moving on, the second caveat would be choosing a high CPM niche. Simply put, pick something that’ll give you better pay per a thousand views. That’s what most people do wrong, says him. All the work to stand out among other channels on celebrity gossip and gaming when you’re only paid less than ten bucks per thousand views for that. Might be harder to find a lucrative niche, but Ryan apparently got you with one after signing up for his course… not him giving away a niche he can use himself, I wonder why….

Obviously, he’s probably not doing the thang anyway. He can’t even show one of his automated channels despite revealing its niche already (luxury infotainment). No reason to hide it, so he better drop a link. Of course, he won’t. Duh. He’s even using someone else’s channel as an example to not reveal his while also deciding himself to multiply the figures displayed on Social Blade to make it look more lucrative as ever. 

That being said, I won’t recommend Ryan’s Cashflow Channels that cost around a thousand bucks. You know something’s wrong when peeps find Ryan’s contents on crypto better despite him running a fraudulent crypto investment firm in Bitconnect himself. Yeaah, that’s how useless his other courses are, including CashFlow Channels obviously, for people to prefer his gig laced with fraud.

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