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Autopilot Check System Review (Autopilotchecksystem.com)


Autopilot Check System mentions becoming a so-called lifestyle entrepreneur once you join their ranks. Yet another program that promises the ultimate life hack to quit your 9 to 5 and start earning six figures a year or maybe even more. Escape the day job, sure, I got no problems with that. Can’t say the same on the income claim. For something on autopilot like the name suggests, I have doubts if it can deliver. My review of it below.

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Just like Flip The Career Switch, the first thing you’ll see when you visit the site is a squeeze page. Well, it IS a squeeze page and not the money-making program itself. The difference is it’s working fine unlike the former. Cough up your name, your email, and your phone number to proceed onto the next.

Thought you’re getting some info after letting ‘em know your private info? Sike! You have to prove you got dolla bills first before they let you view the chunk of their BS, er, marketing materials. To put into perspective, this is like me wanting to check out the products first in a shop, but not being able to because the snobby shopkeepers won’t let me. Looking down on me because I only wear slides. It’s Versace, bitch!

Don’t get me wrong, I understand that some online programs do that, a commitment check for example, to weed out trolls, moochers, and the likes. However, it’s usually done when you’re about to reach them directly. It’s for them to prevent timewasters and convos that aren’t going anywhere. Autopilot Check System, on the other hand, is already gatekeeping on the basic info! C’mon now, the audacity to hide what should be visible to pretty much everyone right off the bat.

Personally, Wes Wells (or whoever is behind the Autopilot Check System now) is deliberately playing hide-and-seek with us here. Something that avoids peeps that unfortunately landed on their site say “not again!” Too bad, I’m the one who’ll say such in the count of three, two,one… Oh no, not again!

If you’re mad confused, this is the same ol’ hybrid MLM I’ve already reviewed for god knows how many. The same sh*t that’s disguised as an opportunity to sell high-ticket programs and promoted by Marc Wilson, Marc Barrett, and Josh Snyder. Regarding the latter, I’ve actually seen both the Marc’s on the posted testimonials. “Apes together strong” vibes and I don’t like it. Not in lowkey scamming people out of their hard-earned cash, nah.

Still no idea what I’m talking about? Alright, I’ll spill the pattern I noticed myself. Usually, they’re charging the sum of membership fee and an admin fee that gets $200 more expensive every time you go up a level. And unless you take the 48-hour fast action taker bonus and buy the crazy expensive Royal level within 48 hours, the commissions you’ll earn here every sale, er, referral is 50% of your level’s membership fee.

Autopilot Check System Review

You know what, I’ll just list them down here. First is Autopilot Check System’s Gold level that costs $3247 ($247 admin fee) and gives a $1,500 commission on every sale. Next is Platinum level at $7,447 ($447 admin fee) with commission of $3,500 on every sale. Third is Diamond level at $14,647 ($647 admin fee) with commission of $7,000 on every sale. Lastly, Autopilot Check System’s Royal level cost a whopping $21,847 ($847 admin fee) with $10,500 (or $15,750 if you got the fast action bonus) commission every sale.

Just like my verdict on every programs that promote this same sh*t, I won’t be recommending the Autopilot Check System. Not over my dead body. It’s expensive, it’s unsustainable, and overall, it’s scummy af. Seriously, I doubt that they’ll even send you checks if you somehow snagged some referrals yourself. 

Their purpose is to fill their own pockets by charging a ridiculous fee upfront and some more by selling you leads that I’m also skeptical of. As I should because they’re selling cheap PLRs for a premium. Girl, they retail for less than $10 only! To conclude, I don’t think that they really give a damn if you, probably an average person, earn or not. They only care if you belong to the circle of their so-called “coaches”. You’re not, obviously, so just swerve away and never look back. Intiendes?

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