Chelsea The Affiliate Reviews

Chelsea The Affiliate

Chelsea “Chelsea The Affiliate” Ouimet helps ordinary people make money from home… At least, that’s what she claims in her IG bio. She also invites anyone who wanna learn more to slide into her DMs and say “ready”. Sounds familiar? To me, it IS familiar. I already saw a variation of both, the “help ordinary people” bit and DM “ready”, on The Momtrepreneur’s IG. And guess what, they’re both affiliates of Dave Sharpe as well. Scroll below for the reviews.

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While they got the same “badass momma earning from home” aesthetics, Chelsea is doing better in terms of engagement. Like, she’s getting comments from real people, not spam accounts. Despite some skepticism getting pushed to the top, bet she’ll take that over the beep boop shenanigans on Caroline’s [The Momtrepreneur] since the rest are comments from peeps curious for more info.

She has no video to introduce herself on the “bridge” page, unlike Caroline either. I’m talking about the page before you watch Dave, the man behind Legendary Marketer, sell the 15-day Online Business Builder challenge. Her free ebook is where she shares her story instead.

So, here’s the story: Chelsea is convinced that being a full-time mom, raising your kids well, and staying home with them should be a top priority. That first, her big financial goals second. Which is why she left her nursing position to build an online biz from home that ticked both.

She recalls, “I grew up watching my parents struggle to make ends meet, and I vowed to give my kids a better opportunity.” But struggle like her parents, she did as she tried buncha MLMs. Feast and famine typa shit.

Bouts of excellent months followed by “saying bad is an understatement” ones when she made not a single penny. “All while I was burnt out, spending all day on my phone,” she adds. Thanks to the 15-day challenge, she had something she could do from her phone, in a very little time, with little to no experience in marketing.

Pick your niche, find an affiliate program [ideal ones give 30% commission and has a cookie length of at least thirty days], apply to be an affiliate, drive traffic [not followers] to your link, and that’s it. That’s basically how you do affiliate marketing, says Chelsea.

But 15-day Online Business Builder Challenge isn’t just affiliate marketing. Rather, it’s high-ticket affiliate marketing slash freelance digital marketing. Which is, simply put, marketing expensive courses that give bigger commissions than cheap products. But with Dave at the helm, it also means you’ll market HIS courses. Be one of his minions, er, affiliates.

So, yeah, you’re getting the exact same thing I described on The Momtrepreneur review. For y’all convenience, I’ll list them down here again. Just like every online course, there would be video lectures— one lecture a day for fifteen days.

You’ll also get the following bonuses: A customized high-ticket business plan, Facebook ads templates, high-ticket email templates, high-ticket video scripts, high-ticket phone scripts, one-on-one consultation with a business advisor, and a copy of Dave’s top converting high-ticket affiliate marketing funnel. The cost of Chelsea The Affiliate’s affiliate offer is $7.

It might be tempting to purchase something this cheap. I understand, but DON’T. The low price is by design, this is just their lead magnet. Trust me, nothing groundbreaking will be revealed in the challenge that you can’t find online for free.

Chelsea The Affiliate Reviews

Buying this only means giving Dave and his team of sales agents [posing as business advisors… of course, they are!] to manipulate and pressure you into buying impulsively. And they got tricks up their sleeves to do that.

One is eventually locking you out of the challenge, the shit you already paid for, just to force calls with ‘em “business advisors”. Starting on day four, you won’t be able to advance through the lectures unless you speak with them and hear their pushy sales talk. “You have meetings with them, where they are just continuing to sell you a fantasy,” says a disappointed student of the challenge.

Then, there’s also the fake scarcity tactic. They’ll be like, purchase the course now at $2,500 because it’ll go up to $15k soon! Only 72 hours left, don’t miss the discount! NOPE, that’s BS. Price is always $2,500; they just want you to NOT think your purchase decision through. Don’t just avoid this, RUN!

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