Cheryl Hunter Review (Magnify Your Message Masterclass)

Magnify Your Message Masterclass

Cheryl Hunter asks whether you struggle getting clients. Doesn’t matter if you’re putting in work day in and day out, you just don’t get the steady flow of them to grow your biz and make it last. It’s like you’re missing something like a piece to complete the jigsaw puzzle. Here’s where her Magnify Your Message masterclass enters the picture. That piece you’re missing? The masterclass got it and more. Keep reading to know what’s up with the program.

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Without further ado, let’s go over the overview of Cheryl’s solution to your getting-a-client problem. In a nutshell, Magnify Your Message masterclass is a 10-week done-with-you program that helps you get three particular things right— message, audience, and media. In other words, Cheryl and her team will help you deliver the right message, to the right audience, and via the right media.

Get it all right and you’ll gain a lot of influence and clout, the type that makes clients line up for whatever you’re selling. That’s what Cheryl says, anyway. To add, it’s not a typical marketing course wherein you’ll be pointed towards trying to make viral social media content to blow your biz up. Here, the right media is not the likes of YouTube, Tiktok, Facebook, or the ‘gram, but CNN, Fox, NBC, and Forbes.

In short, you’re promised to get an appearance or two on these so-called mainstream media, the sh*t you see in cable (or sometimes not because they have websites too under the brand). What can I say, this is expected from her. Girl ain’t the most successful one on social media, kind of a flop if I may say. Low views on her own YouTube channel, hidden heart numbers on the ‘gram, and so on.

But she did show up on TV. The most notable one, to me at least, is her tell-all episode on Dr. Phil where she details her traumatic experience and her process of healing from that. Not to mention her appearance on HLN, a spin-off of CNN, that’s also worth the attention since she plastered a shot from that as her profile picture on all her social media accounts.

The appearances I mentioned above and more are the reason why she’s out here presenting herself as someone who knows the solution to your (getting-a-client again) problem. Personally, I’m not a fan of using mainstream media appearances as the end-all-be-all solution for getting clients, but, at least, she’s a “been there, done that” type in that regard and not completely faking it.

However, she’s not fully free from BS. Like, some of her claims are questionable at best. For instance, her claim of being a world-renowned Coca Cola model. Scoured the internet for it and haven’t seen one, not a single image, that connects her to the fizzy and totally legal coke. Could be SEO f*cking it up, but I don’t think it’s an acceptable excuse for someone like her having the “worldwide girl” moniker used in PR stuff. Just drop it, I guess.

Cheryl Hunter Review

Then, there’s also her saying that she had done four TED talks. That one is likely BS. I only found one that’s doing numbers and it’s not even TED talks, but TEDx talks. If you’re not in the know, that x on the end is a very important distinction. Night and day difference really, with TED talks being the real prestigious platform for giving speeches. On the other hand, you can just pay to have yourself speak on the latter. So, she’s trying to impress with something unimpressive. Not very cool of her. And also, she’s lying.

That being said, I’ll be wary of her and her programs. Sure, she made sense with the three things to get right. Since it’s easier said than done IF you’re not handing out money, I won’t also question the need for a mentor just like she said. That’s a big IF, though. The problem is she’s probably just paying for it. Thus, you can easily do the same without also paying for her Magnify Your Message masterclass that cost $6k to tell you how to.

Besides, there might be a chance where she’ll encourage you to fake your sh*t to get the message bit right. I rather not accuse her of faking her tragic story as it’s the least I can do for those who had the courage to speak up, but I had to say something as a reviewer. Sorry, but I am skeptical of her. So are other people. It’s like she’s using herself as the program’s showcase as the one who successfully crafts a message that’s a “candy to big media.” Given she’s dealing with a touchy subject, she’ll be so much worse than the fake gurus renting Lambos to pretend it’s their own if she’s just bullsh*tting with her life story just to get some clout.

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