Fast Financial Freedom Review (Steve Chon)

Steve Chon

Steve Chon calls the attention of busy professionals who are trading time for money in the pitch for Fast Financial Freedom. A serial entrepreneur slash mentor himself, he claims that he’ll show his entrepreneurial ways  to help said professionals escape the rat race in the next 12 months or so. I’ll reveal what he’ll show exactly plus more deets about the program in my Fast Financial Freedom review down below.

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The name of his program may not hint at any particular business model, but it’s really all about Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing or KDP for short. His promise is the usual for these self-publishing gurus, though. That is, get passive income royalties by publishing books online without writing the book yourself.

The pitch starts with him pointing at buncha bananas because it’s apparently the answer to what we’re looking for. Weird, but he says he’ll explain it later. Gonna keep my eyes peeled, then…Which I really did and regret for a lil bit.

I watched until the end only to be told that publishing books is like owning a banana tree which will give you bananas (money) forever for free. Like, okay dude, there’s your analogy, but why banana? Don’t you not know that the said plant can only produce a fruit once, and not forever? Get ya facts straight.

Anyhow, he also claims that his biz doesn’t require any business experience whatsoever, and adds that it’s so good, he quit his white collar job for it. I doubt it knowing KDP. More likely, he quit his job in order to sell money-making courses such as Fast Financial Freedom, but what do I know, right? But yeah, I’m really skeptical about the whole thing this early.

Specifically, I’m skeptical the moment he claims that he’s no guru. Yup, the dude filling his marketing content with the typical guru stuff somehow claims to be not a guru himself. He can’t even do a decent job pretending not to be one… All the tired buzzwords and fluff, and dwelling too much on it instead of talking about the actual business opportunity right away.

Anyway, the business opportunity in question is using his Automated Publishing System to earn lotta cash in Amazon KDP. He introduced it as a system leveraging low cost professional outsourcing like digital Mcdonalds (he really said this exact term) to churn out word vomit, er, books for ya.

That roughly translates to paying piss poor wages to overseas freelancers to become your ghostwriters. Must be fun taking advantage of people, amirite? At least for Steve, it must be as he can’t stop himself from awkwardly chuckling while introducing his sh*t.

Heck, all throughout the pitch, he’s very giggly. Dude probably knows himself that all he says is one big joke, and yet he can get a sucker or two to pay for it (the price of Fast Financial Freedom is presumably $1.5k or more).

In all seriousness, this system of his is very generic and very similar to those offered by sh*tty self-publishing gurus. Look, the choice of niche here is just narrowing down a trending topic that’s already selling. “Don’t reinvent the wheel, make it chrome,” he says. Yeah, that’s another analogy from ya, but I actually heard the same idea countless times before.

Fast Financial Freedom Review

Essentially, it’s the same ‘ol sh*t, yet we have to expect new and better results. “You’ll simply earn more than you spend,” he says in an attempt to dumb down a very complicated matter. No dude, earning through KDP is not that simple, at least not these days. This is especially true when you’ll be selling dogsh*t books too as implied by his mentioned capital to publish one ($1k).

And BTW, that figure for the capital is too f*cking low too. Is there a slave camp of writers I haven’t heard of or what? Even the decent ones who are somehow fine with lowball offers won’t accept that. There is no such thing as low cost professionals in that price range, only sh*tty amateurs.

The point is, don’t expect any professional output for that budget. More likely than not, it’ll be one hella mess of a book that’ll only collect dust on the (digital) shelf. There’s a reason these gurus are selling this via courses, that’s where the money is right now, and not on selling lotta sh*tty books. That said, I’m not recommending Fast Financial Freedom. Not when Steve is not showing any solid proof that he’s the real deal.

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