Tan Choudhury Review (Shopify Dropshipping Expert)

Shopify Dropshipping Expert

Tan Choudhury made his YouTube debut by sharing his rugs-to-riches story. The journey before he earned his first three million dollars and became the self-made Shopify dropshipping expert that he is today. Quite a turnaround since he claims to start with only thirty dollars and a dream. That’s what he says, anyway. Nothing but his words. Hence, I’m not believing him just yet. The real scoop on him is in my review below.

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But first, let’s hear his story. According to Tan, no one had any high expectations of him to be successful in life, including his very own parents. Aside from getting arrested multiple times due to underage drinking, he’s just sh*t at school. He followed the inner voice in him that says school is not his forte, so why bother?

At age 17, he finally said “f*ck it” and dropped out of highschool. He also moved out of his parents’ house and lived on his own. Obviously, the bills won’t pay for themselves, so he looked for a source of income and snagged a dishwashing gig for his first job.

It’s the worst ever, says him. Grueling nine-hour shifts and “just not the environment you want to be in.” He ended up quitting after four months to look for better opportunities. He got one, a weekend sales job at Little Giant, and added two more jobs on top of that soon after. In total, he’s working around 60 hours a week as an 18 year old!

He’s overworked already, but he knows it’s not enough to support himself for good. In an attempt to move on from living paycheck to paycheck, he purchased one of Tim Sykes courses and took the $5k savings he had to play around the stock market. Thought it’s a good idea, but nope. After a month, all of that $5k is gone and so his hopes of being a penny stock millionaire.

Surprisingly enough, the thang that set him up for success started as a hobby only. It’s just collecting glass artwork at first, then he decided to flip it for a profit. Guess what, it actually worked. It’s a six-figure biz right there, but the problem is it’s time-consuming.

That’s why he decided to improve upon that winning business model. He quit his three jobs for good, built a website for his store (his first dive on eCommerce), and got the idea of printing memes on various stuff like mugs and t-shirts. This is where the $30 comes in, it’s the cost to get the promotion. That $30 became $210 in a day, around $15k in a month.

Then, he took another risky step by pooling all the profits from that $15k month to pay a famous influencer that charged a whopping $4,500 for a post. Paid off big time as he managed to generate $33k that day alone from it. Wins after wins ensues. Fast forward to now, he’s able to generate three million dollars from his Shopify dropshipping stores. End of story.

Tan Choudhury Review

So, what’s the real scoop? Well, first of all, he came off as a whiny, lying bitch. Alright, hold on, maybe calling him a bitch is a bit harsh. He seems like a “nice” dude despite being, well, a whiny liar in his story. I don’t invalidate his struggles or anyone else’s for that matter, but his story just didn’t sound genuine. Lots of exaggeration and just straight out of a guru’s script thang, it seems like. That wouldn’t score any sympathy out of me. Sorry, not sorry.

Next, the story didn’t validate his claim of being a Shopify dropshipping expert. Don’t care about the Shopify dashboard he can hocus-pocus, just drop the link to that million dollar store, so I can see for myself. The excuse of him keeping it a secret is not acceptable since he’s selling Shopify courses (price starts at $197) that’ll reveal every of his dropshipping secrets. Yes, everything, but the said sauce yet again. Pfft.

That’s the problem, he doesn’t have enough social proof to show that he’s the real deal. Sure, he got something good brewing in his YouTube channel by providing some bits of updated insights regarding dropshipping, but I see no reason to move on from his free resources there to the paid ones. His attempt to fill the social proof I’m looking for, in contrast to his insights on YouTube, is very outdated. Dropshipping is a completely different beast now and the results from 2018 that he posted on his site, if it’s even true at all,doesn’t mean much now. Simple fix to this, TBH. Just drop the link, period. Until then, he’s no real expert to me.

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