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Actors play such a big part in any kind of production. Whether it’s on a big screen or on a stage, you will always need to people to perform the words written on a page. Without them, it’s hard to see how any type of scene would look like. Words can suffice at telling you the feelings a character has at that given moment. But the performances are the ones that shows you those feelings. Writing and performing go hand in hand along with all of the other elements of a production. The actors are mainly the people who people see more often.

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I have written a few posts about different actors from different generations. The thing that I have realized is that I haven’t really watched a lot of movies and television series. Despite having a plethora of streaming services available at my fingertips, I still haven’t taken the time to watch shows and movies that aren’t ones that I’ve already watched. But the problem is that it’s hard to find a hook to keep me watching. I have very particular tastes for the stuff that I watch on my own time. Even if I watch a series for research, I don’t think I could sit through it.

Looking at Chris Vance’s IMDb page, I definitely recognize a bunch of the titles listed in his credits. The Equalizer? Yeah, I’ve seen Queen Latifah promote this on a talk show once. The reboot of Hawaii Five-O? I think I’ve seen a part of an episode when I was changing channels. Bosch? Sounds vaguely familiar. Supergirl. I’m sure I’ve watched at least an episode of it. But it doesn’t seem like any of those episodes had Chris in it. As you can see, I don’t really play close attention to the shows that I watch or hear of.

Judging from the credits that I listed above, most of the work that Chris Vance has done on television have mostly been action-laden dramas. In the case of Supergirl, it’s a superhero show. But most of them are shows that you can watch on the broadcast networks in the United States. The shows I mentioned all had Chris doing a recurring character in the series. So he’s definitely been in a lot episodes but none of them are ones that I have seen.

You wouldn’t really expect a guy with a degree in civil engineering to somehow become an actor. Even during his teenage years, he played football. None of those details would make you think that “Oh, this guy’s an actor.” I guess you could assume that during his years in university or even during high school, he was part of a bunch of different productions. It seems that his career in acting started after he graduated from college.

It’s no surprise that Chris Vance’s acting career started in the theater. A lot of actors have started their careers in the theater before they went to either the big or small screen. The theater seems like the best place to learn how to act. The skill that is acting is applicable in any medium but the stage is where you get to perform it live in front of a crowd. An episode of a series or an entire film has already been filmed and edited. All of the best scenes are already picked. But the theater still has that spontaneity that neither film or TV has.

After doing a bunch of theater work, Chris Vance went on to do a few appearances in a bunch of shows in the U.K. He moved to Australia to further his acting career. He did a bunch of guest appearances in a bunch of dramas. It was until he became part of the ensemble of the Australian medical drama All Saints that he became more known.

He then went on to move to the United States where he had a recurring role in the series Prison Break. He got a steady stream of gigs in the next decade or so. Most of the shows he’s been on have already been mentioned in a previous paragraph. At the time of writing, Chris Vance has a net worth of about $10,000,000.

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