6 Figure Shopify System Review (Eric Cipolla)

Eric Cipolla

Eric Cipolla admits that he struggled to keep his e-commerce business afloat before. Initially, he tried to sell everywhere… like literally! Facebook Marketplace, eBay, Shopify, you name it. Despite his best efforts, he always gets the same sorry results. For three long years, his biz was not doing well until he implemented a method in his 6 Figure Shopify System ebook. What happens next, I’ll write in my review down below.

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With the method, Eric was apparently able to generate multiple six figures on his e-commerce biz. From always no profit left to consistently generating $500-$1000 every day, all while working for only one, two hours a day. Thanks to the 6 Figure Shopify System’s method, he has a “Shopify-machine” of dropshipping stores.

No, this is not your typical advice from e-commerce gurus, Eric claims. In particular, he says that this is something completely new, completely different, completely unlike anything you’ve heard before. Not like what he calls the “Hamster Wheel of Doom”. Now where’s my “Rat Race of Gloom” at? Kidding.

And yeah, he’s definitely not a “few word do trick” typa guy. Gotta mention this bit since he keeps repeating himself all throughout the 6 Figure Shopify System’s copy. Just a heads up if you find it annoying [I personally do]. Dontcha worry, I’ll try my best to filter the noise. Stay right here ‘coz I got you!

Regardless, here’s what makes his method different. First of all, he won’t suggest running costly Facebook ads. Especially not with the purpose of only testing the waters, and checking out if your chosen product will click. Testing phase shouldn’t be this expensive. To him, fumbling the bag just like this is part of the ninety-nine percent BS dropshippers need to get rid of.

In addition, he won’t suggest selling cheapos from China either. It’s because no name brands with long shipping times are such a hard sell. As expected, you’ll have a tough time finding a “winner” here, especially if you’re also trying to catch up with the trends. The potential profit margin in selling cheapos seems alright, but y’all have to understand that the product must sell well first to turn that potential into actual money in your bank account.

Finally, he won’t suggest selling lots and lots of products. It’s not necessary, he says, when you can just sell a few high-ticket ones and yield a similar or even better profit. That being said, I think it’s quite obvious now that what he’ll suggest is selling luxury brands. The type that costs $10k and up, and yields around $2.5k in profit a piece.

As if selling expensive stuff is easy peasy, right? But hey, let’s hear more of Eric’s fantasies, er, method before I spit what’s wrong with it. He calls this method in 6 Figure Shopify System the “High-Ticket Piggybacking”. Which, as the name implies, works as riding on the luxury brands’ coattails.

6 Figure Shopify System Review

In other words, you’re supposed to leverage all the hard work done by these brands in building their reps, so you won’t break a sweat selling their products. That, plus a proven store build and a systematic Google ads strategy [only sell to people who are already looking to buy your product], you’ll apparently get a thriving e-commerce store with consistent profit and long term success.

Now, the problem here becomes obvious once you realize that doing all this is easier said than done. It’s either one, the luxury brand already has too many authorized dealers that makes it difficult to stand out; or two, they only have a select few to maintain their exclusivity and good reps. And yes, even the latter is bad news for you, a newbie perhaps, since it means you likely won’t even get a chance to sell for ‘em luxury brands.

The thing is, you’re a nobody to them and the $37 [discounted price is $11.60] 6 Figure Shopify System ebook won’t change that. Eric can list all the shiny sales figures, all the hypothetical computation that shows handsome profit margins [exaggerated too if I may add], and all the inspiring rugs-to-riches stories that he has to make this opportunity look good. But then, what’s a good opportunity if you can’t take it? Guess we have to really move on from dropshipping.

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