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Circuit Sales System Review

Circuit Sales System

Nicki Krawcyzk introduces herself as a lazy entrepreneur. “Well, okay, not really lazy,” she backtracks. She’d just rather put her best efforts into building a sales system that works for her on autopilot. In other words, it’s all about being savvy. Like, why hustle the hard way when you can have the easy Circuit Sales System way. Set it up once, flip the switch on, and you’re done. Is this for real? See my review below.

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Here are the benefits of having the said system in place, according to Nicki herself. First, she’s able to shift her focus into her paid clients instead of giving buncha free stuff to “people who may or may not pay” her. Seems like she’s telling everyone other than her clients are just a waste of time, but whatever.

Another benefit would be having the excitement of a live launch without all the chaos, stress, and risk to your revenue. On top of that, it’s also having the predictability of an evergreen without the low conversions.

Just so you know, live launch means creating a buzz around a product by opening it up for sale for only a limited time, say a few days or weeks, and going cray-cray with its marketing.

As in, you gotta let the whole world know about your offer. Send buncha emails, go live on social media platforms, host challenges— the whole shebang. That’s a lotta work if you have no system in place like Circuit Sales System to automate it for you.

Meanwhile, evergreen means something that people will always want to buy regardless of seasons, trends, etc. Unlike live launch, you’ll try to sell them all-year-round. The downside is, it’s hard to maintain the hype to sell these consistently, especially since competition can also be quite intense.

Back then, she couldn’t find any system that’ll give her desired results of having a hands-free biz that’s raking in sales. This is why she created one herself in Circuit Sales System.

She describes it as a complete sales and messaging system powered by psychological principles. Something about giving clients the right offer, at the right time, and in the right way.

“This is a proven system that we’ve actually used for three brands to sell a bunch of different things to a bunch of different audiences.” She also adds that in just a little over two years, she’s able to 40x-ed her biz with the system. Yup, four-zero, she even clarifies it.

Of course, the screenshots she showed to prove her revenue doesn’t move me. You could easily photoshop those, y’know. What’s quite reassuring is her having a biz other than selling Circuit Sales System. I’m talking about her Filthy Rich Writer and Fired Up Freelance blog.

For context, Nicki is a copywriter by trade and worked for the likes of TripAdvisor, Marshalls, Adidas, and the Harlequin Romance novels. She did copywriting work for over twenty years and it shows…In a good way, if I should say.

Her copy’s good! Short, simple, and isn’t stuffed to the brim with buzzwords. Not a single moment where I rolled my eyes due to clichés and typical marketing bull.

Filthy Rich Writer and Fired Up Freelance are where she put together resources she wished she had back then as a copywriter slash freelancer, including the blogs’ paid signature courses in Comprehensive Copywriting Academy and Freelance Success Framework.

Circuit Sales System Review

She just didn’t pop out of nowhere. She’s been in the digital space for years, decades even. That’s good to hear, but that doesn’t mean I’d be okay with the price of her program. In particular, Circuit Sales System cost a whopping $2,997.

Yeah, no, it’s too expensive for essentially an automated sales funnel training. I’ve seen landing pages that have been Circuit Sales System-ified, and they’re pretty meh. Decent, but not worth shelling almost three grand to learn and implement, IMHO.

I’m not liking Nicki’s style of making her sites scroll automatically to a squeeze page either. Sure, thanks for the free training offer, but please, let me read your copy first! Personally, I ain’t giving anyone my name and email, let alone a dime, if they’re too pushy like that.

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