Market Modern Review (Cody Clay)

Cody Clay

Cody Clay asks whether y’all tired of inconsistent sales, using only word-of-mouth referrals, and throwing money on ads that barely gets you a click, let alone a sale. Yes? How about wanting to get the exact opposite, then? Y’know, consistent customers, and double, maybe even triple your sales. I mean, if I’m selling something myself, I’d want the latter. But is he the marketer you and I should be asking help for? Find out below.

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Cody Clay, also known as Cody Winn and self-proclaimed lead gen king, is the digital marketing specialist and coach that created Market Modern. Here, his flagship and what seems like his only program is Digital Marketing Bootcamp. Well, actually, it’s not the only one, but the Market Modern’s website didn’t mention any of his other offers.

Speaking of which, the website describes Digital Marketing Bootcamp as a coaching slash consulting program for marketing agencies. If ya want to boost your sales numbers through online automation and systems, these are the folks y’all are looking for… or so they say.

Because guess what, the feedback I’ve seen regarding Cody and his bootcamp is far from desirable. As if all his too-good-to-be-true promises are not true at all! But seriously, that’s really how he and his team rolls. They overpromise, backtrack, and then underdeliver.

Before I spill the ugly, let’s continue discussing how Cody markets his thang in the website I’ve already referenced earlier first. I swear, it won’t take long as the website is as empty as some of y’all bank accounts after a Black Friday sale. Yeaah…

So, anyways, here’s their mission: Get ya conversions, and increase your sales. These are the only metrics they apparently care about, anything else is basically fluff. Which makes sense, and I’m saying this as someone who doesn’t like an overwhelming amount of data if they’re just irrelevant.

The problem here is, Digital Marketing Bootcamp, or essentially any of Market Modern offers, won’t get ya any desired results. No conversions, no sales, no nothing. The audacity to mention that numbers don’t lie while listing some ridiculous figures like $2.8m in monthly sales. Yeah, numbers prolly won’t lie, but he would. Cody would.

I just knew he’d be a compulsive liar after seeing his LinkedIn accounts with different years of work experience.  Specifically, it’s three years and eleven months on his Cody Winn account, and then four years and one month on Cody Clay. No wonder he has dropped the Winn moniker, and that’s because he’s such a loser. Can’t even lie properly, pfft.

And yes, he did the name “rebrand” as a response to countless people warning about his scummy ass. He baits people to follow him for a weekly thousand bucks raffle [that didn’t happen at all], keeps on making misleading claims on how “his money back guarantee is amazing, you’re crazy not to buy” [misleading, terms to qualify for a refund is impossible to meet], and creates courses he has no business creating.

His whole schtick is built upon fraud and dishonesty. And if you call him out, he’ll try his hardest to censor you right away. Or sometimes, he has the audacity to argue and lie through his teeth to prove his innocence despite numerous proof telling otherwise. Basically, he’ll do everything in order to still sell his Market Modern’s Digital Marketing Bootcamp that cost up to $3k.

Market Modern Review

Kinda crazy it’s still business as usual for him. Like, no one’s stopping this phony guru from latching onto the latest trends like a damn parasite. Doesn’t matter if he doesn’t have any credibility, he acts as if he’s an expert just to get ‘em course checks anyway. So, besides marketing and lead generation, dude’s also selling courses on Amazon FBA, cryptocurrency, and even Christian worship.

In conclusion, Cody shouldn’t be the marketer y’all should be asking help for. I’m telling ya, this man could never be trusted! He’ll lull y’all to thinking that buying his course issa “zero-risk investment” with his amazing refund policy.

In reality, the refund policy is pure whack as it guarantees NOT getting your money back. Essentially, say bye-bye to your money once Cody and Market Modern have it. He seems to have bases all covered to make sure you [and your bank] can’t retrieve a single dime. Just don’t buy anything from him, um-kay? Not when his courses are all just basic info you can get online for free.

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