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Clayton Morris is a well-known and well-publicized real estate investor. If his face and name seems very familiar, it’s because you may have seen him a lot on T.V. He is a former co-host of The Daily Buzz and Good Day Philadelphia on Fox’s WTXF-TV, and on Fox & Friends on Fox News Channel. He’s also covered consumer technology for Fox and hosted weekly technology segments for Fox News Radio and Fox News. Finally, he was a frequent guest panelist on the Fox News late-night satire show, Red Eye w/ Greg Gutfeld. Today, he now hosts his own podcast titled Investing In Real Estate.

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Today, he’s the founder and president of his own real estate investing company, called Morris Invest. It’s a platform that allows investors, accredited or not, to invest in various properties across the country (usually multifamily properties). Clayton says, “You might know that real estate investing is the number one way to build wealth. But if you’re like most people you probably have no idea how to get started. There’s a lot of info out there to sift through. And sometimes it’s hard to find solid advice amongst all that BS when you’re new. I’ve been there.”

During his video pitch, Clayton recalls how he has lived in poverty before, way before he was a well-known T.V. and real estate personality. “A number of years ago, I lost my job. I was seventy-five grand in debt. And I was scared to death. But real estate investing changed everything for me. Now I have a portfolio full of cash-flowing rental properties. I founded a company that helps hundreds of people reach financial freedom. And I lead an amazing team of over thirty people. We teach normal, everyday people how to replace their salaries with passive rental income by leveraging what they have, even if it’s not much. It’s incredibly easy to get started. And you can build wealth surprisingly fast.”

At some point, Clayton then talks about his previous clients whom he coached in real estate investing and become rich in their own right. First is a guy named Don. He first started listening to Clayton’s podcast, took action in applying for his program, and went from zero to fifteen rental properties in just a few years. Now Don and his wife make six figures a year in rental income, on top of their salaries, and they’re planning on retiring early.

Then there’s his other client, Bill, who’s a hard-working, blue-collar kind of guy. But thanks to the training he got from Clayton, he has bought his first rental property this year and he’s currently shopping for his second as we speak. The common denominator between Don and Bill that has brought them success in real estate? They didn’t do it by themselves. And it’s the same for you, Clayton says, when you want to invest in real estate.

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Of course, you’re also going to have questions, especially when you’re very much new to real estate. How much money do I need to get started? What if my credit isn’t so great? How much can I make each month? What are the risks and how can I avoid them? How much time will all of this take? Is now really a good time to get into real estate investing? Or is the market about to crash? And how can I do all of this with the least amount of work and still get great returns? So many questions, right? But that’s alright, Clayton says, because it’s normal to feel overwhelmed.

Clayton Morris claims that his investing program is vastly different than the others who are so-called “turnkey real estate investing.” In other investment companies, they charge a fee, then they help you find an investment property. Once the deal is done, they hand you the keys to the property, give you a nice pat on the back, and then you’re on your own. Done. You won’t be able to contact them anymore. But they claim that Morris Investment is very different.

“It’s an entirely different approach and solution. Basically, everything is done for you. But you’re educated on the process as it goes along. You’re involved in that process intimately. And you’ll actually save more money than you would be working with a turnkey company.” How does this work? Morris Invest researches emerging markets across the U.S., buys land, buys supplies, then builds new construction properties, lines up property management, and even finds tenants for you. It’s basically a complete, done-for-you investment package that does all the work for you so you can focus only on your earnings.

So how much does joining Morris Invest cost? Clayton doesn’t disclose it upfront. So you have to book a call first before you can find out. Is it worth it? I don’t think so. Clayton has been accused of scamming his investors in recent years due to a very bad investment deal. In response, Clayton claims that he was also scammed by the property owner, hence the accusations. But this will definitely leave a very bad mark on his company due to the magnitude of this, so it’s better to be careful around this.

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