Click Profit Review (Wholesale Automation)

Wholesale Automation

Click Profit’s FBA Launch is headlined by a rather bold statement in their site. Addressed to entrepreneurs and investors alike, it says the following: “We will LAUNCH and RUN a profitable Amazon FBA store and make you up to $100,000 within 52 weeks.” Not sure whether the $100k is clean take home money for you or not. Obviously, it should be the former. However, the way they present the figure with an asterisk and a “new revenue” label in the succeeding text is not reassuring.

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Don’t get me wrong, a $100k sales is not too shabby. But for the money back guarantee that follows the statement to make sense, it has to be take home money. This is especially true knowing the context and that is, a figure close to $100k is the minimum capital requirement just to get started with wholesaling. And yes, this is the method used by Click Profit, wholesale automation in particular, to keep their end of the bargain.

For the unfamiliar, wholesale automation is just a combination of a Done For You (DFY) Amazon FBA and Amazon wholesaling in one. The former, DFY Amazon FBA, is the fulfillment strategy of your biz where you’ll let Amazon and Click Profit do all the work for you (except the financing part as expected). The latter, Amazon wholesaling, is the product acquisition strategy where you’ll purchase the products you’ll sell in bulk and from its primary source.

Aside from wholesale automation, Click Profits also claims that what they have is a new and improved method of selling in Amazon. To hype their new method, they described the old method first, which is buying bulk from China and hoping for the best BTW, and why it doesn’t work anymore. It’s not working anymore because it allows biz owners to use skewed data, proceed without knowing the exact demand figures, and let them underestimate the storage fees. The result? Product ends up sitting on inventory that simply doesn’t sell.

No one wants to burn their time and money on useless products for nothing. Especially not an option when you’re paying the premium (yes, you are) for Click Profit to handle your Amazon store. That’s why Click Profits have come up with a new method that’ll address the problem swiftly. 

Since the majority of the problems from the old method can be traced to picking a product that just sucked, why not pick, erm, a better product instead? Easier said than done, but Click Profit has something different than just “buying bulk from China.” Turns out, it’s switching from buying the usual no name cheapos to branded products. Something that makes selling effortless and makes you more money while differentiating yourself from the marketplace.

Click Profit Review

While they’re at it, they also added their DFY offer on the new method (DFY is so 2000s already, though). The gist of it is pay them one time for the setup fee while the rest of your money would 100% go to stocking up the inventory. They’ll do everything – building the store from scratch, running the thang, and scaling it – so you’ll never have to worry about the biz. This is what the guy in Click Profit’s webinar says anyway (I don’t know who, he doesn’t sound like Craig Emslie or any of the cofounders).

The downside, aside from the hefty setup fee, would be giving them a percent cut of your net profit every month. Considering that you’ll never lift your finger here, I think it’s a fair trade. For the specifics, there are two options for Click Profit’s FBA Launch offer. First is a 50/50 split that requires $25k for inventory and $25k for setup fee. Meanwhile, the second is a 60/40 split that requires $50k for inventory and $50k for setup fee. To note, the figure for the inventory is just a minimum and you’ll be highly encouraged to take loans, open some credit lines, and all that stuff to get more. 

My thoughts? The steep price is expected, but I’m still not willing to pay that. Not when all the financial risk is on you. Besides, I really don’t buy their claim of having some kind of a supercomputer that costs four million dollars backing up their strategy (see their LinkedIn account for this head scratching BS). Not when I can’t find a social proof outside their site, not a news article about the supposedly newsworthy AI nor a single soul out of the 118 Amazon store owners/financiers they’re apparently working with. Add the inherent difficulty of doing Amazon FBA in its current (saturated) state, it’s safe to say that I’m not recommending Click Profit anytime soon.

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