Client Acquisition Pack Review (Ravi Abuvala)

How can you get more clients to avail of your products and services? How can you scale up your business? How can you generate 500-800 pre-qualified appointments in a single month on autopilot without cold, calling, cold emailing or sleazy sales tactics? Those are the questions to be answered by Ravi Abuvala together with the Client Acquisition Pack. Learn more about him and the company in my review below.

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Come on Ravi, if you’re making $600,000 a month then you should have enough budget to pay for a professional web designer to make your website more user-friendly, right? That’s just a coin in your purse if you’re making that much money. Don’t make it too difficult, even more or less a sore to the eye for us readers to look at your website. That sets a bad reputation for your company.

How can we believe in all of the things on it if it is just like everything has been put together like glue. Full or disorganization and lack of simplicity. It’s a total mess. There’s even an annoying mini video at the top left while you scroll down, and it can’t be closed. So here I am, doing all the honors to put all the “important” stuff in his website to my review so that you don’t have to damage your eyes anymore and have a hard time looking for the things you wanted to see or know.

I know you can do better than this so that’s enough bashing on the website. Someone might say “don’t judge the book by its cover”, so I’m apologizing for that. Before scaling $600,000 a month, Ravi is also one of your typical business owners back in the day. Working 14 hours a day, trying each and every method to scale up his business but nothing seems to work for him. He even just made $3,000 in his first 9 months in his business.

What changed it? Mistakes after mistakes, sleepless nights and months of trial and error, he finally discovered a simple but potent client acquisition strategy that didn’t require as much time as the traditional ways and it was able to bring numerous clients like clockwork. Because what’s the purpose of being wealthy if you don’t have the time to enjoy all the little things, right? And here’s how he did it.

Client Acquisition Pack is a counterintuitive approach founded by Ravi Abuvala to get 15-20 high-quality appointments booked directly into your calendar every single day, without using the traditional way of cold calling and the likes. It’s time to adapt to the evolution of our technology, people. It claims to make you lots of money with a little time of the week, and the rest where you will enjoy spending your time with your loved ones.

The pack includes modules of ways on how to build a 24/7, 365 salesperson that can find, educate and close strangers into high paying clients, a 7-hour rule to only get on the phone with ready-to-buy prospects, the software he used to direct message every person that visits his website and eventually generate 500% of ROAS, the most efficient business models in 2022 and how to apply them, and many more.

It is apparently on sale for only $39 where the original cost is amounting to $50,000. Why is he giving it away now like it’s free? Well, he has his reasons – he remembers what it’s like to not know where the next client is coming from and he wanted to start a business relationship with you, which he plans on doing on the right foot so you’ll consider working again with him in the future. The offer will not last forever so if you want to try it, grab it now on their website.

If testimonials can already speak for themselves, then it’s possibly true that they’ve made a lot of people become successful in their businesses. But as long as everything is not in its proper order, things that can easily be fixed, with all the revenues coming their way, the program is still a walking red flag for me. How can they organize other people’s business if they can’t do it for themselves?

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