Clients On Demand Review (Russ Ruffino)

Russ Ruffino

Clients On Demand, as the name suggests, is a program that teaches client attraction strategies. The strategies here are not the usual like posting on YouTube, blogging, or podcasting. Instead, what they’ll teach is their so-called “cutting-edge marketing techniques” that really work. Wait a minute, are they implying that the usual marketing does the opposite? That would be awkward for them to say since the program has churned out over 300 videos on YouTube. ‘Nyway, my thoughts on Russ Ruffino’s program and more are written below.

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First of all, there’s not much information written on the site about what they actually offer. Saying that they’ll help you scale your business fast won’t cut it. To be fair, the same site dropped a very subtle hint by mentioning that you’re a coach and/or a thought-leader, but I only figured it out (that it’s a hint) once I unwillingly coughed up my contact info to access his “training” webinar. Obviously, the webinar is more of a sales pitch of his paid Clients On Demand program than an actual training.

In the said webinar, it is revealed eventually that Clients On Demand is basically a coaching program that’ll transform your expertise into a high ticket course. But first, the training will catch your attention with eyebrow-raising claims such as “5 steps to 6-figures per month and beyond.” No, it’s not a typo as the training’s host, Russ Ruffino himself, said that it is what it is – a seemingly ridiculous figure at first that’s actually doable to achieve once you join his program.

How would it be doable? The answer is being able to command a premium price point aka what makes you label a course as a high ticket one. Russ is talking about charging $3,000-$10,000 per course. Again, all of this without the need to blog, do SEO, make YouTube videos, or any of the typical “marketer” stuff there is. To Russ, it’s nothing but outdated “cross your fingers” strategies that keeps you busy for usually nothing. Simply put, lots of work for something that doesn’t guarantee results.

The rest of the webinar is Russ explaining the five shifts to a six-figure course. The shifts are as follows: operate with total integrity, command premium pricing, use the secret weapon (webinar marketing), leverage your time, and invest in mentoring.

Long story short, Clients On Demand “cutting-edge marketing technique” is all about setting up a webinar that’s aligned to what Russ thinks is appropriate and marketing it via Facebook ads. At the end of the said webinar, Russ guarantees that you’ll end up with a new client that’ll schedule a breakthrough call with you right away. From Clicks to clients, as simple as that… or is it? Spoiler alert, it’s all easier said than done.

So, what’s the price of the Clients On Demand program? Based on my research (that I had to do because the pricing is behind a sales call), joining Clients on Demand would cost you $10,000. No backsies on this too as there are no refunds nor warranties.

Clients On Demand Review

Quite frankly, the shifts taught on the webinar that I listed earlier is just an excuse for Mark to charge an absurd payment like this. For the price alone, I would already say NO to joining this program.

If the cost is not enough for you to back out, then maybe Russ being the type of guy who can’t “walk the talk” would suffice. Quite ironic that he’s talking about operating with integrity when he’s allegedly not doing it on Clients On Demand. This is suggested by the reviews from students that got into legal trouble because of a Russ’ f*ckup. Specifically, putting people’s medical licenses in jeopardy because he instructed them to structure their courses in an unethical manner.

Also, forget about his talks on prioritizing the client’s best interest first and foremost. It’s nothing but BS, anyway. He doesn’t give a damn whether you, his Clients On Demand’s client, succeed or not once you handed him your ten grand. And when you don’t succeed as expected, he’ll either deflect all the blame on you or he’ll simply ghost you. Just rubbing salt in the wound, such is the audacity of this guy. Ugh.

In conclusion, I wouldn’t recommend the Clients On Demand program. There’s no way you’ll hit six-figures income a month with this. In fact, you’ll likely lose money here – $10k for the course, around $5k for spending on Facebook ads, and a couple thousands more on other platform subscriptions that they’ll recommend.

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